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Posted on by Dory Kashin

Disrupt your next conference: Lessons from the Engaging Associations Forum

What do you do when you’re craving engaging discussion and collaboration with your industry peers and just can’t seem to get that level of interaction from existing events? Well, if you’re Meagan Rockett and Doreen Ashton Wagner, you lead the … Read more »

Posted on by Christine Otsuka

ASAE Annual Meeting Will Bring $16M to the City of Toronto

When the American Society of Association Executives ASAE annual meeting comes to Toronto next month, it will generate an estimated $16 million for Toronto. That’s 17,800 hotel room nights booked in downtown Toronto — a major boon for Toronto’s hotel … Read more »

Posted on by EventMobi Team

Engaging Younger Participants in Events6 Surefire Strategies for Engaging Younger Conference & Event Participants

Engaging younger participants at events and conferences has been a concern for over a decade. And it should be given that employees born between 1977 and 1995 now represent the largest demographic in the workforce. To ensure you remain relevant and … Read more »

Posted on by Lori Smith

building year-round community5 Killer Ways to Build a Year-Round Community for your Association

Building year-round community with members is tough. Your members are busy and have lots of other things on the go. But maybe you’re ignoring the one tool that could make all the difference: mobile.

Posted on by Jeff Ro

My XDP Event by ASAE3 Takeaways from ASAE’s Inaugural Xperience Design Project

The stage was set for ASAE’s inaugural Xperience Design Project (XDP). Like many attending this event, we didn’t quite know what to expect. What we did know, was that it was the first time it was being held, took two … Read more »

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