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Posted on by Christine Otsuka

4 Fantastic Formats to Add Power to Networking Events

One of the main reasons that participants give for attending conferences and trade shows is “for the networking.” When networking does not meet their expectations, chances are they will not be back next year. Associations face a similar challenge, members … Read more »

Posted on by elisetaylor

Using Corporate Events to Drive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the commitment of companies to contribute to economic development while making people’s lives better is a big deal. Often referred to as the triple bottom line because of its social, environmental, and economic focus, CSR has … Read more »

Posted on by Rebecca McDougall

Selecting an Event Technology Partner: How to Look Like a Hero in 4 Simple Steps

Every great superhero needs a side kick. Being an event planner is no easy feat. Meeting client deadlines, liaising with vendors and balancing the budget, position event planners as the modern day hero. However, throughout time no great hero has ever … Read more »

Posted on by elisetaylor

How Do You Know If Your Corporate Incentive Travel Program Is Working?

Corporate incentive travel—companies rewarding their employees for performance with travel to a place they might never be able to afford on their own—is a win-win (yep, I said that) for companies and employees. The company wins with more sales, client … Read more »

Posted on by Anne Thornley-Brown

The ROI Hole in Corporate Event Planning

To be effective, corporate events must be built on a solid foundation of return on investment (ROI).  When event planners fail to capture the true value of meetings and corporate events, event spending is perceived as discretionary and events are … Read more »