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Posted on by Taylor Jones

2.mauiHow to Run Unforgettable Corporate Events with Event Technology

One of the most common pitfalls with corporate events–all types of events, really– is the misalignment that often occurs between your event goals and  the event technology solution you’ve purchased. When you are choosing event technology to manage registration, digital … Read more »

Posted on by Anne Thornley-Brown

Event technology trends 28 Keys to Integrating Emerging Technology into Events

From drones and GoPro to augmented reality and 3D printers, no one could have predicted the unprecedented explosion in event technology.  Given the pace of tech changes in the event space, trying to keep up-to-date can be overwhelming. How can event … Read more »

Posted on by Mark Dumschat

energize-drain-s4 Quick Tips to Energize Your Kick-Off Meeting

Kick off meetings should be exciting and inspiring, not dull and boring. This is your chance to get everyone together in one room to bounce around ideas, get valuable feedback, and really set the tone for the rest of the … Read more »

Posted on by Dylan Monorchio

event-planner-eventmobi-networking-event-app-engagement3 Ways an Event App Can Enhance Networking

For tech-enthusiasts like us, watching technology in action is a beautiful thing. Even more gratifying is seeing the many ways technology improves the face-to-face connections that happen every day at events.

Posted on by Dylan Monorchio

eventmobi-networking-event-gameAchieving Unparalleled Engagement Using Event Games

Businesses are always seeking new ways to engage with audiences, employees, and prospective markets, and recently there has been a significant study of gaming as a way to accomplish this. Gameplay is of interest for its unique ability to engross … Read more »

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