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Posted on by Sarah MacKinnon

Association Marketing Checklist: 8 Strategies to Market your Association

Associations face a number of unique marketing challenges. Unlike profit-making enterprises that focus their marketing efforts on prospective (and existing) clients, associations have a number of target markets including members, exhibitors, and sponsors. Effectively marketing conferences, monthly meetings, networking events, … Read more »

Posted on by Rhys Smith

event sponsorship5 Things You Don’t Want to Forget Before Unveiling Your Event App

Your event is in 4 weeks. The date is set, your venue is booked and your keynote speakers are confirmed. Things seem to be rolling. Cue the *temporary* sigh of relief. Plus, you’ve invested time to build an event app that … Read more »

Posted on by Sarah MacKinnon

Gearing up for ASAE 2016? Learn What Sessions this Top Association Executive is Excited About

Meet Sheila Gidley, CAE and Partner at Gidley Management Group, an association management company out of Chicago. She also holds the position of Executive Administrator for the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy and (like us!) is really looking forward … Read more »

Posted on by Mark Dumschat

feedback-survey-event-technology-conference-tradeshow-live-poll-questions-comments-Gathering Feedback at Events [Best Practices]

Surveys have been a part of the post event wrap-up for decades evolving from cumbersome paper handouts to electronic submissions, streamlined by event apps and audience response systems. Planners have the technology to gather feedback efficiently but are they getting the … Read more »

Posted on by Mark Dumschat

energize-drain-s4 Quick Tips to Energize Your Kick-Off Meeting

Kick off meetings should be exciting and inspiring, not dull and boring. This is your chance to get everyone together in one room to bounce around ideas, get valuable feedback, and really set the tone for the rest of the … Read more »

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

resource-024 Strategies to Market Your Event App Without a Budget

Managing events is an incredibly intricate and stressful profession, ranking in the top 10 most stressful job lists. Clients’ high expectations, strict deadlines, and the attention to detail needed to successfully run events creates a logistical nightmare.

Posted on by Dylan Monorchio

event-planner-eventmobi-networking-event-app-engagement3 Ways an Event App Can Enhance Networking

For tech-enthusiasts like us, watching technology in action is a beautiful thing. Even more gratifying is seeing the many ways technology improves the face-to-face connections that happen every day at events.

Posted on by Mark Dumschat

event-app-design-conference-feedback-audience-response-live-polls-surveysResponsive Events: Designing the Experience Around Crowdsourced Content

Are you worried that you’re not delivering relevant content to your attendees? You’re not alone. Arranging speakers and choosing session topics 12 months in advance is a challenge. Delivering quality, up-to-date content to your attendees isn’t always as simple as … Read more »

Posted on by Mark Dumschat

Legal-Live-Stream-Event-AppHow to Legally Live Stream Your Event

Live streaming video is simple to set up, easy to use, entertaining to watch, and most importantly accessible by all. It’s also unedited, unplanned, and unprocessed content being broadcasted live. There’s undoubtedly potential for using this new technology at events; … Read more »

Posted on by Dylan Monorchio

eventmobi-networking-event-gameAchieving Unparalleled Engagement Using Event Games

Businesses are always seeking new ways to engage with audiences, employees, and prospective markets, and recently there has been a significant study of gaming as a way to accomplish this. Gameplay is of interest for its unique ability to engross … Read more »

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