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Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

Event-App-Promotion-VideoGive Your Event App the Introduction it Deserves with a Complimentary Promo Video

Video is quickly becoming the medium of choice online and its important for you and your event to stay ahead of the game. That’s why your EventMobi app now includes a 90-second custom event app promotion video that you can … Read more »

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

Sponsorship_BlogHow Corporate Planners are Getting Creative with Event App Sponsorship

Many companies prohibit taking advantage of potential sponsorship opportunities at their events, making it virtually impossible to generate any sort of revenue. Whether it’s a matter of competing interests or the marketing team not wanting to present competing brands, there … Read more »

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

EventMobi Fusion 2.0 and the Top 10 Reasons Why It’s the New Gold Standard for Event Apps

As a marketing or event professional you could probably name a dozen technology tools you’ve worked with over the past year. Whether it was a registration system, conference app, or a survey tool, chances are you had to use multiple … Read more »

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

dn_iconDirect Notification™ Lets Planners Send Messages to Targeted Groups of Attendees

Remember that old saying “You can’t please everyone”? Working with thousands of event planners, we know that this just doesn’t fly in the industry. Last month we introduced the new attendee-to-attendee private chat to improve networking for attendees; now we’d … Read more »

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

Event App ProfileAn Event App Comparison: The Same Conference, Native App vs. Web App vs. EventMobi Fusion™

The question always comes up, native app or web app for your conference? We say neither. EventMobi Fusion™ brings together the power and offline capability of native apps with the ease of web apps. No need to go one way … Read more »

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 8.13.56 PMLong Live the Hallway Conversations, Introducing Attendee Networking [Video]

Traditionally, meeting the right person at a conference or trade show is sheer luck. Small talk before a session starts and clever remarks at the lunch buffet is usually how it goes; ultimately, our network is limited to those close … Read more »

Posted on by Thorben Grosser

Spotlight: 1st Annual YouTube Babies and Cats Association Summit

At EventMobi, we love technology. Naturally, we are also excited about anything funny that is happening on the internet – when we’re not busy building amazing mobile event guides, we like to spend our time on blogs, StumbleUpon, Reddit and … Read more »

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

eventmobi-showcase-multi-event-appIntroducing Showcase™ by EventMobi

Over the past three years, mobile conference apps have gradually overtaken paper guides as the new norm for meetings and events. With more companies utilizing mobile event app technology for smaller meetings and even personal apps for VIP client visits, … Read more »

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

The Creative Cycle

For the past three years, EventMobi has built itself around the needs and requirements of seasoned event professionals from across the industry. Corporate, association, and trade show planners among various others have been vital to the direction of the product … Read more »

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

Event Planning in 2013: Doing More With Less

This past November, Meeting Professionals International (MPI) released its October Business Barometer revealing some startling numbers regarding short lead times and flat budgets – sentiments echoed early this year in the Meetings & Conventions Magazine (M&C).

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