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Posted on by Sarah MacKinnon

6 Event Sponsorship Do’s & Don’ts

What do event sponsors want, anyways? According to IEG’s recent report on What Sponsors Want and Where Dollars will Go in 2016, 46% of respondents ranked presence in digital/social/mobile media as the most valuable sponsorship benefit. And IEG’s report on … Read more »

Posted on by Mark Dumschat

event-app-gameEvent Gamification: Making an Impact in the Hearts and Minds of Your Attendees

If you’ve ever used a credit card to get reward points, a stamp card to get a free sandwich, or gone to a bar for happy hour, you’ve experienced gamification firsthand.

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

How Much Should You Charge For Your Event App Sponsorship Package?

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

blog-thumb_sponsorship secrets11 Breakthrough Ways to Increase Your Sponsorship With Event Apps

A common trait among successful event professionals is their ability to stay abreast of industry trends and advancements. If you’re reading this article right now, chances are you are one of these people. And if you’ve been following this series … Read more »

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

blog-thumb_adMobile Event App Advertising for Event Planners

So far in the Ultimate Guide to Event App Sponsorship series, we’ve covered strategies to consider before the time comes to take action. Now, that time has come. In this article, we’ll get our hands dirty by talking about mobile event … Read more »

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