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Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

Sponsorship_BlogHow Corporate Planners are Getting Creative with Event App Sponsorship

Many companies prohibit taking advantage of potential sponsorship opportunities at their events, making it virtually impossible to generate any sort of revenue. Whether it’s a matter of competing interests or the marketing team not wanting to present competing brands, there … Read more »

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

EventMobi Fusion 2.0 and the Top 10 Reasons Why It’s the New Gold Standard for Event Apps

As a marketing or event professional you could probably name a dozen technology tools you’ve worked with over the past year. Whether it was a registration system, conference app, or a survey tool, chances are you had to use multiple … Read more »

Posted on by Thorben Grosser

Spotlight: 1st Annual YouTube Babies and Cats Association Summit

At EventMobi, we love technology. Naturally, we are also excited about anything funny that is happening on the internet – when we’re not busy building amazing mobile event guides, we like to spend our time on blogs, StumbleUpon, Reddit and … Read more »

Posted on by Jonah Wolfraim

The_Ultimate_Guide_to_Event_App_Sponsorship_by_EventMobiThe Ultimate Guide to Event App Sponsorship

Having supported hundreds of events around the world, we’ve worked with some pretty innovative event planners. Along the way, they’ve come up with some incredible strategies to generate revenue through their event apps. And these aren’t just banner ads and … Read more »

Posted on by Bob Vaez

enhanced listing9 Ways to Entice Sponsors With Your Mobile Event App

If you’re hosting a corporate event or an association conference & tradeshow, and looking for ways to create new revenue streams and sponsorship opportunities, a mobile event app might be just what you need! Mobile event app usage by attendees … Read more »