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Posted on by Christine Otsuka

iphone-speech-conference-cell-phone4 Fantastic Formats to Add Power to Networking Events

One of the main reasons that participants give for attending conferences and trade shows is “for the networking.” When networking does not meet their expectations, chances are they will not be back next year. Associations face a similar challenge, members … Read more »

Posted on by Anne Thornley-Brown

pexels-photo-133021Event Planner Burnout: It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

Year after year, in survey after survey, event planning has earned a reputation as one of the top 10 most stressful careers. When one considers the fact that the other occupations that make these lists involve life and death situations, … Read more »

Posted on by Anne Thornley-Brown

event-app-gameBuilding a Strong Events Team From the Ground up

Selecting the right team members is not easy. Let’s face it. Everybody is on their best behaviour during interviews. No one is going to readily admit that they have a wicked temper or habitually overspend their clients’ budgets. Coupled with … Read more »

Posted on by Anne Thornley-Brown

technology-adoption-matrix_no copy7 Surefire Strategies for Selling Through Event Technology to your Executives

So you’re enthusiastic about introducing event technology for your next event. Whether you are an internal event planner or an independent meeting planner working on behalf of a client, it’s important to hit the pause button. I learned this lesson … Read more »