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Posted on by EventMobi Team

polling-device-screenBest Practices for Gathering Feedback Using an Event App [VIDEO]

When it comes to launching surveys to collect feedback at your event, the faster you can launch them, typically the better the response! While event apps have made the process of launching surveys and collecting feedback faster (remember how painful paper … Read more »

Posted on by Anne Thornley-Brown

Outdoor PicnicOutdoor Event Planning: 8 Practical Considerations

Now that the calendar has passed the Easter season and the warmer weather is returning, event participants will welcome the opportunity to spend some time outdoors.Taking the group outdoors, even for a little, will breathe new life into what could … Read more »

Posted on by Kristy Sadler

GMID17Celebrating the Incredible Impact of Events and Meetings: Happy #GMID2017!

Well it’s Global Meeting Industry Day! An entire day dedicated to celebrating the incredible impact that meetings and events have on people, businesses and the global economy. As a company that helps empower event planners and marketers to engage, entertain … Read more »

Posted on by Anne Thornley-Brown

cyber-glasses-1938449_640Virtual Reality: 7 Ways for Meeting Planners to Catch the Next Event Tech Wave

Ever since the holodeck hit Star Trek, people have dreamed of participating in fully immersive experiences. Virtual Reality (VR) is a wave of the future for event planning. Long anticipated, VR for groups is now just “on the horizon”. Here … Read more »

Posted on by Anne Thornley-Brown

Diverse crowdDiversity in the Meeting and Events Industry: 7 Strategies to Eliminate Bias

Diversity is relevant to the meeting and events industry for a number of reasons. Given the fact that society and event audiences are becoming increasingly diverse, ethnic, and gender diversity in the speaker lineup should be a given. It isn’t. … Read more »

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