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event-app-gameBuilding a Strong Events Team From the Ground up

Selecting the right team members is not easy. Let’s face it. Everybody is on their best behaviour during interviews. No one is going to readily admit that they have a wicked temper or habitually overspend their clients’ budgets. Coupled with this, few managers, directors, and executives receive training in strategies to interview and hire the right candidate. Candidates with similar interests or who went to the same school as the interviewer are subconsciously given more of a preference.


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EventMobi Wins 2016 Best Event App Award

With more than 500 event professionals in attendance celebrating the best in event technology, EventMobi and our global channel partner CrowdComms are honored to receive the 2016 Best Event App award at the Event Technology Awards UK held in London on Wednesday evening.

Being selected as The Best Event App of the year, judged by some of the most influential thought leaders and innovators in event industry amongst 10 other technology vendors is a testament to the customer-focused product and the ultimate flexibility of EventMobi technology platform. At the same time we are incredibly proud to share this award with Crowdcomms one of our most trusted and creative channel partners and resellers of EventMobi around the world. We couldn’t be happier today  🙂 Read more »

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B2B In-Person Events Need A Digital Makeover: Insights from Forrester Report

According to Forrester Research, CMOs invest a lot of money into conferences, trade shows, and seminars, even though it’s becoming more challenging to attract the attention of buyers using corporate events and/or get the most value out of participating in third-party conferences and trade shows. The remedy, writes Laura Ramos, the researcher behind the “B2B In-Person Events Need a Digital Makeover” report is to apply digital tactics to “turn these standalone activities into more durable marketing assets.” Here’s what she means and what CMOs can do about it.

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Event Survey Best Practices: How to Avoid Sending out the Worst Event Survey Ever

The feedback that event planners get from event surveys, session evaluations, and polls is crucial for accentuating the positive and eradicating the negative at future events. But surveys are garbage in, garbage out propositions—if you don’t ask attendees good questions, you won’t get good responses. Here are some basic rules of thumb for designing the best event surveys and a list of actual questions that you can adapt for your own event. Read more »

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Leveraging Association Events To Tap Into The $1.1 Trillion Higher Education and Training Market

According to a recent study, “The Association Role In The New Education Paradigm,” by Shelly Alcorn, CAE and Elizabeth Weaver Engel, MA, CAE, there is a huge disconnect between education and employment worldwide. There are workers and there are jobs, but there isn’t always a good fit between the two. Association events, consistently positioned as education outlets, can play a unique role in leveraging the tremendous opportunity that accompanies this complex challenge.
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