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Event Survey Best Practices: How to Avoid Sending out the Worst Event Survey Ever

The feedback that event planners get from event surveys, session evaluations, and polls is crucial for accentuating the positive and eradicating the negative at future events. But surveys are garbage in, garbage out propositions—if you don’t ask attendees good questions, you won’t get good responses. Here are some basic rules of thumb for designing the best event surveys and a list of actual questions that you can adapt for your own event. Read more »

Posted on by Christine Otsuka

Leveraging Association Events To Tap Into The $1.1 Trillion Higher Education and Training Market

According to a recent study, “The Association Role In The New Education Paradigm,” by Shelly Alcorn, CAE and Elizabeth Weaver Engel, MA, CAE, there is a huge disconnect between education and employment worldwide. There are workers and there are jobs, but there isn’t always a good fit between the two. Association events, consistently positioned as education outlets, can play a unique role in leveraging the tremendous opportunity that accompanies this complex challenge.
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Not Ready To Rip Off The Band-Aid And Go Paperless? Try A Phased Event-App Adoption For Your Next Few Events

Let’s talk about some of the major reasons why your organization may not be running toward paperless, but maybe just sort of like walking towards it and window-shopping or just waiting for a reason to absolutely have to do it. There are lots of reasons why you may be hesitant to go paperless at events, despite the many benefits—it’s green, it’s efficient, and, in many cases, it can save you money. But what if first, you learned that most of your objections could be addressed and second, you could implement a plan to go paperless in baby steps?

Here are some common objections to adopting event technology and what you can do about them.

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Event Security: How Technology can Help Event Professionals Plan Smarter and Manage Risk

Given the increasing vulnerability of event venues and events that involve large gatherings, it is only a matter of time before corporate event planners will have to grapple with issues of safety and security. How can corporate event organizers go about planning and managing event security?

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Posted on by Rebecca McDougall

Selecting an Event Technology Partner: How to Look Like a Hero in 4 Simple Steps

Every great superhero needs a side kick. Being an event planner is no easy feat. Meeting client deadlines, liaising with vendors and balancing the budget, position event planners as the modern day hero. However, throughout time no great hero has ever accomplished their goals alone: Batman had Robin, Tom Sawyer needed Huck Finn , and event planners have event technology partners.

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