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Give Every Attendee a Personalized Experience

Give Every Attendee a Personalized Experience
  • Unique to EventMobi, every attendee has their favorites, saved notes, and can easily edit their event app profile.

    Attendee Dashboard
  • Personalize the experience and the schedule for each and every attendee.

    Personal Schedule
  • Connect with the right information with the right people. Place attendees into select groups like “VIP” or “First-Timers” so you can push relevant information to them.

Attendee Dashboard ×
Personal Schedule ×
Groups ×

Private In-App Chat

Attendee-to-Attendee Chat

New channels of communication create new opportunities. In-app messaging lets attendees network one-on-one through the conference app without publicly displaying contact details. Learn More →

Chat ×

Never Get Lost

Never Get Lost
  • Pin-drop locations help attendees find their way around large, unfamiliar conference halls so they can get to where they need to be.

    Interactive Map
  • Make it easier for attendees to go from airport to hotel to conference center by including an interactive Google Map location.

    Google Map
Interactive Map ×
Google Map ×

Engage Your Audience with Real-Time Polls & Surveys

Engage Your Audience with Real-Time Polls & Surveys
  • Powerful polling turns attendees into participants with lightning-fast results displayed live to the audience.

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  • Dynamic surveys make it easy for you to collect valuable feedback.

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  • Increase response rates by requesting immediate feedback from attendees right after their session finishes.

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Stay Connected with Attendees

Stay Connected with Attendees

Help Desk gives attendees a place to ask organizers questions. In response to your first question, “yes” it can be easily switched enabled or disabled.

Easy Access to Files and Documents.

Easy access to files and documents
  • Lighten the load and include session presentation slides in your event app.

    Session Feedback
  • Lower printing costs by including exhibitor collateral and coupons in your event app.

  • Easily distribute information at your meeting by attaching files and spreadsheets for attendees to download and discuss.

Presentations ×
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Events Can Be Fun Too!

Events Can Be Fun Too!

Educate and energize participants by turning traditional event activities into thrilling challenges. And don’t forget to get your sponsors involved as well.

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Help Make Lasting Connections

Make Lasting Connections
  • Attendees and exhibitors can help promote your event by tweeting out links to specific pages inside your event app, creating interest and driving traffic.

  • Provide attendees with a link to each of your social media platforms. Pick and choose exactly which social media feeds you want attendees to participate in.

    Social Media Feeds
Twitter ×
Social Media Feeds ×

Get the Ball Rolling with Rich Exhibitor Profiles

Get the Ball Rolling with Rich Exhibitor Profiles
  • Logos, product information, and company social media feeds can all be displayed so attendees have various methods of learning and evaluating exhibitors they will want to meet.

    Rich Profiles
  • Provide attendees with various ways to contact an exhibitor displaying phone number, email, and website.

    Contact Details
  • Allow exhibitors to manage their own event app profile so you don’t have to worry about it.

Rich Profiles ×
Contact Details ×
Self-Managed ×

Always Accessible, Even Offline

Always Accessible, Even Offline

It's easy for your attendees to find your event app through their web browser or any app store. After the initial download, they'll always have access to the most important event details.

Alerts & Updates

Alerts & Updates

Keep attendees in the loop and let them know about any new information they need to know. And if you really want to get fancy, use Direct Notification™ to send alerts to select groups of attendees.
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Alerts and Updates
Alerts and Updates ×
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