Until recently, planners had two choices when it came to event apps. Build an expensive native app for every device, or create an internet-dependent web app. We, at EventMobi, aren’t too keen on limiting your choices so we created a third option. Unique to EventMobi, Fusion technology lets your event app work on all devices and function offline. This exciting new technology brings together the power and offline-capability of a native app with the reach and simplicity of a web app – the perfect combination for your event.

In 2014, EventMobi introduced Fusion 2.0, a fully integrated suite of event technology tools built around EventMobi’s world-leading event app. From registration right through to post-event reporting, Fusion 2.0 provides you with all your event technology tools seamlessly integrated.

Why Make Your Attendees Wait?

Technology is always improving and now, with Fusion, your mobile event app is more accessible than ever. With attendees arriving with different smartphones, tablets, and laptops, only Fusion can guarantee them access to important event information.