EventMobi Fusion: The Future of Mobile Event Apps Has Arrived!

For as long as mobile event apps have been around, event planners have had to choose between the affordability and speedy deployment of web apps, and the powerful offline functionality of native apps. We’re happy to announce that event planners finally have another option that provides them the best of both worlds, web and native, together in one affordable solution – introducing EventMobi Fusion™.

EventMobi has always taken pride in finding innovative solutions to the event industry’s challenges. When planners told us they needed to enhance the educational experience at their sessions, we built an Audience Response System so planners and speakers could better engage attendees. When planners looked for more exciting ways to immerse attendees in their events, we created the industry’s first ever gaming layer integrated within an event app.

With an increasing number of devices available on the market and internet connectivity an ever-present concern, we’ve worked hard and are now proud to present EventMobi Fusion – an event app that works across all devices and continues to function without an internet connection.

EventMobi Fusion™ is currently the only mobile event app on the market where all of these unique advantages converge to enhance attendee experience and simplify the busy lives of event planners. The new Fusion platform is made possible by the same cutting edge HTML5 technology that powers the mobile apps for world-renowned companies like Google, Facebook, and the Financial Times. In his article, “The Mysteries of Mobile Web Apps”, Senior Editor of Meetings & Conventions magazine, Michael Shapiro refers to HTML5 as “the magic ingredient”.

In September 2011, meetings technology guru Corbin Ball made a few predictions about mobile apps in his article, “12+ Meetings Technology Trends to Watch for 2012” including low cost event apps, significant adoption, more control for planners, and HTML5 as the new standard for apps. When it comes to EventMobi, Ball scores a perfect 4 for 4 with his predictions.

Up until today, native apps have been considered the top choice for events going mobile due to their fast user interface and offline functionality. But, they’re prohibitively expensive and take a long time to build since each mobile device (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry etc) requires a separate development project and app store approval.

Mobile web apps on the other hand, are device agnostic, feature rich, easy to create and much less expensive. The good ones also work on all devices, eliminating the need to create different apps for each mobile device. The primary concern with traditional web apps however, is that they require a constant internet connection which for some events could be an issue.


So what happens when we combine the best of both into one solution?


With EventMobi Fusion™, planners can create a custom app for their event in just a few hours without having to spend valuable time and money going back and forth with developers building custom native apps for different devices. With the ability to add information, edit, and update the app instantly through the Content Manager, planners are happy knowing they’re sharing information with every attendee at the event!

And as for that internet issue… thanks to a new technology called HTML5, the app automatically downloads to attendees’ device in seconds allowing for offline functionality making for a truly remarkable experience for everyone at the event.

We’re keeping it affordable too – there’s no need to waste time and money on native apps.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about EventMobi Fusion™ and how it can enhance the attendee experience at your next event.

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