How to Design an Event App that Matches Your Event Brand

So you’ve decided to invest in event app technology at your next event and are excited that you get to check off one more thing from your endless list of to-do’s leading up to your event. But as time ticks on and your event gets nearer, you realize, ’Wait…now I actually need to build my app!’ And then panic sets in.

Have no fear – your friendly EventMobi Support Team is here! As EventMobi’s App Design Specialist, I’m going to be sharing the tips and tricks I’ve learned during my experience designing hundreds of event apps for planners. You’ll be able to design an event app that matches your event brand in no time.

Design an Event App that Matches Your Event Brand

Understanding where to input the content of your event app, such as attendee names, agenda details, and sponsor profiles, is easy to learn and usually pretty intuitive, especially on the EventMobi platform.

But when it comes to designing the look and feel of your event app, and ensuring that it aligns with your event brand, the job becomes a bit trickier if visual design isn’t your forte.

The key to designing an eye-catching event app that attendees will want to look at and use is to make sure it’s on brand. That means having the same colors, themes, and messaging as your event brand.

Choosing Your Event App Colors

Choosing the right colors to fit your event theme and company branding doesn’t have to be tricky. In fact, you may already have many of the design elements you need.

These elements can be your company’s logo, brand color and typeface. You may also have brand guidelines with how to best display the logo, secondary and tertiary colors, and typefaces used to showcase your brand’s image.

Aligning Your Event App to Your Event Theme

Now it’s time to decide the theme of your event. Is your event a professional or corporate event such as a conference or an association app? Try using your company’s logo and brand colors to give off a professional and business-like image. You can also create this image by using simple and clean widgets that aren’t too busy.

Is your event more relaxed and fun? Try using your location as an inspiration for your theme. If your event takes place in sunny St. Lucia, try working with tropical colors and a bold typeface to entice your users. Add in some extra flourished in your design to give it that extra pop.

Design Inspiration

A picture says a thousand words so here are 2 different examples of events run by the same company.

Example 1:


Example 2:

They both use the company’s typeface in the top header widget. However, the Leadership Summit continues this typeface and the brand’s colors to maintain their professional theme throughout.

In the other example, the Leadership Retreat takes on new colors of light blues and greens to reflect the beach theme of the app, helping give off a more fun aesthetic.

Overall, incorporating your theme into the design of your event app can help attendees easily identify the type of event taking place and reinforce your brand leading up to and during your event.

For more tips and tricks on how to design an event app that matches your event brand, be sure to register for our live webinar!

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