Long Live the Hallway Conversations, Introducing Attendee Networking [Video]

Traditionally, meeting the right person at a conference or trade show is sheer luck. Small talk before a session starts and clever remarks at the lunch buffet is usually how it goes; ultimately, our network is limited to those close by. That’s why we’ve created Attendee Networking™, a new, unique module within the EventMobi conference app where attendees can expand their network by browsing the profiles, interests, and social media feeds of other attendees.



With Private In-App Chat fully integrated into your conference app, networking can happen before, during, and after the event allowing for private conversations to take place between registered delegates, speakers or even exhibitor and sponsors.

We’re bringing the power of the online social network to your face-to-face event.

No more waiting around to bump into the right person. Attendee Networking™ lets your attendees find the people they’re looking for, get in touch, and coordinate those important face-to-face meetings.

Upon signing in, attendees easily create their event app profile using their Linkedin sign-in or by entering details manually. Unique to EventMobi, you can further customize the profile section of your mobile event app by creating new fields. With this, attendees can share other details beyond the simple “About Me” section, adding “Specialization”, “Region”, “Interests” or various other categorizations that are unique to your event and your attendees. It’s up to you!

Whether the goal is to set-up a one-on-one meeting to close a deal or simply meet up with a friend from last year’s conference, EventMobi apps create a new channel of communication for everyone at the event. Now your attendees won’t have to hope they meet the right person in the hallway, they can make it happen.

  • Pre-Event Networking
  • Onsite Meeting Arrangements
  • Post-Event Follow-Up

Private In-App Chat appears in the app similar to a traditional text messaging service. The benefit to an in-app solution is that you don’t have to disclose your attendees’ emails and phone numbers; a potential breach of the security and privacy policies of your organization.

No more guessing who’s who and no more losing touch. With an easy-to-use networking app, your attendees can meet the right person, in the right hallway, at the right time. Is that going to make them happy or what?

Join us today for one of our webinars where we’ll be demoing the new Chat functionality. Afterwards, start your own free trial so you can test it out within your office – warning: it’s extremely fun.