Make Your Visit to IMEX Frankfurt 10 Times More Fun

EventMobi has a long-standing tradition of education and provision of really useful information to clients, potential clients and everybody interested in mobile event apps. As one of the leading suppliers of mobile event guide apps, we have been focussing on helping our clients make their job easier and more fun.

Let us help you make your IMEX Frankfurt 2013 more fun – 10 times, for IMEX newbies and veterans alike.

Three things to go and do at IMEX

1. Try out some new flavors– IMEX is an international trade show, and as such, CVBs of the world offer all kinds of local treats to interested and daring delegates. Have a trip around the world of food at IMEX.

2. Join the FRESH Dinner. The Meetings Support Institute is hosting a dinner at IMEX and EIBTM which has become a kind of secret tip amongst IMEXers. Their special CLAMP style (Content to discuss/ Light meal/ Alcohol limitation/ Mixing Participants/ Private space) makes these happenings both, personally and professionally enjoyable.

3. Try to appreciate booth designs. Here’s something many attendees miss out on: Take a step back from your diary and from company names and brands, and have a look at the actual booth designs. Especially smaller companies have come up with innovative designs over the year in order to compete with some of the impressive constructions hotels and CVBs build at IMEX.

Three things to go and learn at IMEX

4. Join the Association Forum. If you are a member of an association, join the IMEX association day on Monday to network among peers to get some education that helps your association forward and that kick-starts your IMEX visit. Superb networking opportunities in the evening.

5. Collaborative and Interactive Sessions Using Apps by Stefania Conti-Vecchi. Stefanie is an events professional who has the rare gift to explain technology very well, especially if you are not a techie. Let her introduce you into ways of turning your binder digital.

6. From Cost to Investment: Monetizing Mobile Apps is an EventMobi session. We will show you strategies and inspiration on how to make sure you can use your event app to the fullest, so you can utilize it as a proper sponsorship generation tool.

Four things to go and see in Frankfurt

By ND Strupler

7. The Maintower has unique views to Germany’s only skyline. 5 Euro buys you an elevator ride up to the top of the 200m tall skyscraper, which allows you to see Frankfurt and the Main valley, which already inspired writers like Goethe.

8. Eichkatzerl is the Hessian word for squirrel, and a famous Äppelwoiwirtschaft (roughly translates to apple wine pub). Go for some proper local fare, and try the local apple wine. Just remember to not put any 10am-appointments in your calendar for the next day.

9. The Historic Centre of Frankfurt is a highlight and one of the most inspiring views the city has to offer. From there, take a stroll along the Main river and enjoy the sun setting up on the hills of Frankfurt.

10. Our EventMobi pick, Sachsenhäuser Warte: imagine this – you, sitting in an old bailey, a giant glass of local beer and some of the finest German and Hessian food you’ll ever have. Sounds impossible? Check out this place.


10. Join the EventMobi App breakfast – if you want to get the low down on what has happened with EventMobi in the last 365 since we last met at IMEX, sign up for our breakfast on Wednesday morning.

We hope you get to enjoy some of these activities. Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments.