2015: The Rise of the Multiscreen Attendee

There’s no question that technology has dramatically changed the attendee experience over the past 5 years. With the rapid adoption of mobile devices and the expectation of always staying connected, we need to carefully consider how we are designing modern experiences. Beyond technological changes, devices and constant connection have rewired our social and psychological behaviors.

As mobile users, one can easily relate to the tantalizing tease of the notification, the beep or the little flashing red light upon receiving a new message. Today’s large screen phones, phablets and tablets make it easy to get work done on-the-go. Free WiFi in public and private spaces are no longer a luxury, but an expectation.

Our Attendees are at the Forefront

As planners, the people we affect most are business professionals, relatively up-to-date with technology and moving fast. Their employers are supporting them along the way, too. According to Good Technology, 74% of corporations support a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, allowing employees to use a device of their choosing rather than the company supplying a device.

Be careful not to discount that “non-techy” senior crowd. Pew Research finds one of the fastest growing segments of smartphone adopters is the senior demographic where there was a 63% year-to-year increase in ownership among people who are 65 years of age or older.


According to Nielsen, on average, Americans own an astounding 4 devices. The full Nielsen report explains, “these trends in digital technology are propelling consumers’ new multiscreen, constantly connect lifestyles.”

As attendees move about their day from desktop to tablet, smartphone to laptop, remaining connected isn’t a hope, it’s a necessity. In a tough job market, employees are going above and beyond to get good work done on time; they rely on connectivity and access to information everywhere they go. Business and event apps are increasingly popular as companies are able to cut costs.

Event App Data is Illustrating the Trend

Data aggregated from over 5,000 events across 40 countries suggests the multiscreen trend is here to stay. Event apps that are promoted before the event often see up to 50% of attendee access originating from non-mobile devices such as laptops and desktops. When an event app is released, planners will often invite attendees via email to download the conference app. Whether on mobile or desktop, attendees are able to access event apps made with EventMobi thanks to to cross-platform compatibility. Event app downloads per device can then be tracked accurately, reflecting all the different devices used to access the conference app. Web makes it easy to access your event app in one click. If attendees look for it in their phone’s app store, they’ll download it right to their phone.

Due to the growing trend of BYOD, there’s no certainty in knowing exactly what phones and tablets attendees are going to bring to events. Aggregated data shows the majority of devices use iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) operating systems; however, BlackBerry holds a low but consistent download rate and Windows continues on a gradual upwards trajectory.


Multiscreen Event Experiences

Data collected also illustrates an increase in smartphones adoption rates as the event date nears. Often times, a spike in attendee-to-attendee chat will occur as attendees plan on-site meetings. Personal scheduling also offers some pre-event planning so attendees know exactly where they’re going once on-site.

Prior to sessions, polls and surveys can be accessed through smartphones, while in sessions, it’s not uncommon to see tablets used more as attendees take notes. Post-event, notes can easily be exported and accessed via desktop back at the office.

Similar to the way we check our emails and respond or read a Facebook post and ‘Like’ it, attendees can easily answer surveys as they exit a session. With effective promotion by the speaker, usage rates can increase with attendees rating the session instantly rather than waiting a week for a post-event survey.


Right now, there’s a fundamental shift taking place.

In 2015, our job is to keep up with the fast-paced multiscreen attendee experience. At EventMobi, we’re coming prepared with a full suite of integrated event technology that is mobile-friendly and syncs across all devices automatically. We’re now offering custom registration, check-in apps, event apps with live polls, surveys, and networking tools all tied together making event analytics powerful and insightful. Because EventMobi now supports web and native technology, it’s easy to maximize usage and create the most impactful experience possible.

With all of the data you collect, you’re able to see the bigger picture (on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer)! To learn more, get in touch and we’ll be happy to speak with you about your 2015 mobile strategy.