Spotlight: 1st Annual YouTube Babies and Cats Association Summit

At EventMobi, we love technology. Naturally, we are also excited about anything funny that is happening on the internet – when we’re not busy building amazing mobile event guides, we like to spend our time on blogs, StumbleUpon, Reddit and so on.

EventMobi YCBA App, in the background: Charlie and his brother

Naturally, we were excited when the YouTube Babies and Cats Association contacted us to work with them on their mobile event app concept. YBCA general secretary Antoine Dodson said: “Our members are very busy and have to carry a lot of memorabilia for their fans with them. They simply don’t have the time and force to carry yet another program guide. So we thought: Let’s use the tool where most started their career on – their mobile phones.”

EventMobi allowed YBCA to quickly react to changes in the program, editing the agenda on the fly. When Charlie bit his brother’s finger again and had to go to the hospital, it was easy to just change the following session times and send out a notification to all those planning on attending.

The YBCA’s platinum sponsor, YouTube, recently announced that it would be shutting down its 8 year contest for best video on the internet. YouTube staff will now begin watching every video uploaded in order to select the best of the best. To assist, YBCA offered its platinum sponsor the integrated audience response system where staff could submit videos they liked and vote on others submitted by colleagues.

In exchange, YouTube has agreed to announce the winner for best video on the internet at YBCA’s 10th Annual YouTube Babies and Cats Association Summit slated for March 2023.

YBCA also used the interactive audience response to decide on their “Shooting Star”. Shooting Stars receive a 9-month training and are prepared for their YouTube career. Last year’s award went to a cat called Tardar Sauce who recently became famous under the nickname “Grumpy Cat”. Needless to say, she wasn’t pleased with the nomination.

“With more and more cats and babies using iPhones and iPads” Dodson concludes, “using a mobile event app was a no-brainer.”

EventMobi CEO Bob Vaez said: “I like turtles. But cats are alright, too.”

If you are interested in seeing this year’s YBCA app, click here to check it out.