The power of community and conversation

Just a few months ago I left ECTC in Minneapolis backhome to Toronto thinking I totally wasn’t expecting that! The interaction, the style, the content and most importantly the people I met, made the experience considerably different from other industry events. But how?

I attended ECTC as a technology supplier that was keen to learn! We had just launched the second version of EventMobi mobile platform, and after chatting with Samuel Smith @samueljsmith(the co-creator of ECTC) I was convinced I should be there, even though it was too late to be a sponsor.

There were no exhibit halls and no product demos by sponsors, but instead there was experimentation and conversation. I was stoked to meet my online heroes whose tweets and blogs I read everyday as well as some of the leaders of technology solution providers, media and consultants to the industry. The format and style of the event allowed me to get to know amazing event planners there in person and learn about their concerns and challenges in a different light as well getting extremely valuable feedback to take back to my team.

When I found out about EventCamp EastCoast and the fact that it’s going to be an un-conference, I couldn’t resist the thought of getting involved. An even better environment for event professionals to raise questions and concerns and learn from their peers and colleagues. And I am sure these conversations are going to continue months after ECEC has ended because of the way the community is tied together and promotes new ideas and discussions.

As a technology supplier there is no better way to promote a solution than having users try it out and experience with it first hand. We are excited and grateful to ECEC organizers (Adrian @asegar/Traci @tracibrowne/Lindsey @eventsforgood) for bringing us on board and are looking forward to hearing all the feedbacks and suggestions on the impact of mobile technology as an event guide, polling and information distribution medium at events.  Stay tuned for more as we will announce more details about ECEC optimized mobile webapp soon.