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February 21 - 23, 2019 - MPI SCC 2019 (WE)Con - Palm Springs

EventMobi is the official event app sponsor for MPI SCC’s 2019 (WE)CON conference in Palm Springs.

(WE)Con is a “business-empowerment conference – for your mind, body & soul!” and what place better to empower yourself than Palm Springs?! We can’t wait to get some sunshine and spend some quality time with MPI Southern California Chapter’s planners in February and share our Event tech tools.

EventMobi is in full swing at (WE)Con with our gamification, audience response system, and communication tools all being showcased inside the (WE)Con event app. If you want to learn more and connect with us in Palm Springs – let’s chat!

Check out our top tools to create attendee engagement at your next event

Live Display
With digital and live displays you can generate new revenue from sponsorships and exhibitors with a number of brand placement opportunities. This allows you to instantly broadcast to your guests with real-time updates, alerts and event information. Digital displays also allow you to showcase social media engagement, provide session overviews and encourage game-participation by displaying instructions and leaderboards.
Make signing up for your event easy and convenient by creating an environment where attendees can seamlessly engage with your event from start to finish. All of your registration data will automatically flow into the event app – unifying your data.
Live Polling & Surveys
In real-time, you can be made aware of your guests interests in various sessions or speakers with live polling and surveys. This can be used to change sessions on-the-fly or capture learning to apply at your next event. You will enhance overall engagement at your event by giving your guests a chance to interact, share opinions, and collaborate.
Multi-event Management
This time-saving tool not only allows you to manage multiple events, it helps you drive registrations for future events. Multi-event management lets your guests sign up for more of your events quickly and conveniently. Attendees can launch the app for their event, access the session information and interact with the event community. This toll makes planning and management easier while enhancing the convenience for multi-event guests