There is a lot that needs to be accomplished during an AGM or Shareholder Meeting. Our platform gives you the tools to provide your members or shareholders with important information and provide feedback when decisions need to be made.

Detailed documents can be stored within the event app for attendees to access and review at any time.
Event Apps
Use live polls and Question and Answer functionality to get immediate feedback and allow members or shareholders to ensure their questions are heard. Questions can be upvoted so directors can easily see which questions are most important and address those first.
Live Polls & Surveys
See which documents are being accessed the most, which topics people are being discussed and who the most active shareholders are with robust AGM event analytics.
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"Building the app was actually fun"

“…You guys do a great job of making it easy for people like me. I cannot wait to work with you for my 2014 event…”

Lisa Ingrassia

Zenith Marketing Group

"Customer service was outstanding"

“…They made it easy every step of the way. Creating and maintaining the app was easy to do and user friendly…”

Brittany Lawrence

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