Demonstrate exactly what you’re offering to virtual sponsors and build better packages.
See which sessions are most popular, based on real-time attendance and participation.
Measure how much attendees are chatting, meeting and networking.
React to insights in real-time and send notifications to boost engagement and traffic.

You rely on your sponsors to help offset event costs, and they rely on you to deliver ROI on their investment. To help them achieve their brand exposure and lead generation goals, you need a clear picture of who actually attended and how they engaged with sponsors and sponsor content.

Plus, to help you plan future events, you need insight into video session engagement, networking and gamification adoption rates.

Running a virtual sales kick-off? Our event analytics platform lets you see which team members attended, completed video sessions and viewed resources. And, you can follow-up with no-shows.

Running a virtual members’ or users’ conference? Track registrations/attendance to understand your most popular sessions, see which event content was the most interesting, and easily award CE credits to members who completed video sessions.

Running a virtual product launch? Identify which prospects engaged in deeper product review by downloading information, viewing videos and engaging with salespeople.

You rely on your sponsors to help offset event costs, and they rely on you to demonstrate a return on their investment. But the game has changed with virtual and hybrid events.

Now, with our virtual event software or hybrid event platform, you can prove ROI with analytics like video session completion, virtual booth visits and sponsor leads. You can even show sponsors which banner ads or sizzle reels generated the most engagement, to improve their future marketing.

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Find out who logged onto your event platform and at what times they were most engaged and participating. And easily assign CE credits for session attendance, if applicable.

App Usage Over Time:
  • Unique Visitors
  • Page Views Per Hour
  • Use Video Analytics Graph and Table to see who viewed video content and for how long. And assign CE credits for session completion.

    • Top Videos
    • Total Views
    • Total Unique Viewers
    • Total Video Consumed
    • Video Breakdowns By:
      • Views
      • Unique Visitors
    Dig into usage statistics to measure how much attendees networking using chat, video meetings and group discussions.

    • Top Videos
    • Total Views
    • Total Unique Viewers
    Share exported custom reports of sponsored session attendees and booth visitors for lead follow-up.

    • Virtual Booth Visitors
    • Sponsored Session Attendance
    • Sponsored Video Views
    Share exported custom reports of sponsor content to demonstrate brand ROI.

    • Banner Ad Impressions
    • Banner Ad Clicks
    • Banner Ad Conversion Rates
    • Sponsor Resources Metrics by:
      • Unique Visitors
      • Page Views
      • Sponsored Video Views
    Understand game adoption rates with key gamification stats.

    • Top Players
    • Top Challenges
    • Point Totals
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    Export session feedback reports to understand how attendees rated speakers, topics, presentation styles or session formats.

    Export event survey reports to gauge attendee sentiment towards the event format, sessions, streams, networking activities and more.

    Export live poll reports to gauge common opinions and trends, to share with speakers.

    Export questions submitted and upvoted during the session and answer these questions in future event or marketing content.

    Export session chat reports for more insight into in-session commentary, questions and feedback.

    Export group discussions reports to find out what attendees were excited to discuss, what created a buzz and use these learnings to improve future events.

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    With the rise of virtual and hybrid events, today’s sponsors are becoming more discerning in the opportunities they choose to invest in. In this guide, we will show you how to create, package, and price sponsorship assets for your in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

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