Easy to set up

An event app that saves you more than just printing costs

Going paperless is a huge benefit to using an event app but that’s just the beginning. With EventMobi’s multi-functional and customizable event app platform, you’ll be able to create the best event experience for your attendees, sponsors, vendors, and organization.

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Foster long-lasting connections

Help attendees make valuable connections with one another using both private and public messaging options. Use your event app to encourage interaction according to attendees’ comfort level.

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Keep attendees informed

Multi Event App allows you to build all your events in one platform

Never have to worry about designing and printing Agendas ever again. Changes can easily be made in real-time and communicated to attendees.
Upload all your event documents into our event app

The Agenda is where attendees find details about education sessions, networking breaks, receptions, and other important scheduled events. Attendees can also create personalized schedules to keep track of the activities they want to go to. Any changes made to the Agenda will be reflected in attendee schedules.
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EventMobi Event-App Gestaltung Design

Including a Document Library in your event app is a great way to reduce paper and costs. Plus, make it easy for attendees to access documents post-event.
Document List

You can attach handouts, presentations, or workbooks to an individual session, speaker, or sponsor profile. Another option is to create a document module where all event documents can be found. You can edit the document name, click to the areas of the event app the document links to, view the document itself, and see how many users add the document to their favorites.
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Event Apps Info Module

Reduce repeated questions from attendees by setting up a virtual event information booth within the event app. You can include general event info and FAQs.
Info Booth Detail Page

Onsite staff can direct attendees to the Infobooth within the event app to find answers which will save time and increase event app adoption and engagement. Event organizers can also easily add popular questions and answers onsite. You can also add direct links to offsite venues, hotels or destination information. Another way to provide information to attendees in the Infobooth module is to set up a Help Desk. This feature allows attendees to email the Help Desk with a specific question and receive an answer via email in return. Help Desk will be hidden from view by default. To set it up, enter an event support email on the Event Info tab. Next, access the Customize tab within the Info Booth module to make it visible and accessible to users.
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Live-Umfragen und Feedback Vorteile EventMobi

Make audience participation easy for everyone

An event app makes it easy to generate more audience interaction. With polls and surveys, your attendees can actively participate and provide real-time feedback, share opinions, and collaborate.

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Attendee Profile details page

Make everyone at your event feel like a VIP

Offer event participants the ability to customize their profiles and build personal schedules. Profiles make it easy for attendees to learn about each other, find others with common interests or backgrounds, and make connections.

Event Gamification App

Reinforce learning and spark more conversations

Engage your attendees and influence their behavior and learning through fun, friendly challenges that reward activities and actions. Gamification can help you achieve your event goals. But, you will also be creating a fun, exciting and memorable experience for your guests.

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Interactive Mapping

The new standard for event navigation

From simple maps to complex multi-venue or multi-floor layouts, your attendees can easily locate and find their way. Your maps can now be layered with various event data powered by Smart Search and routing options, right within your EventMobi event app.

Sample App

Customize your event app to highlight your brand

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Give your event the introduction it deserves with an event app that highlights your branding. Take advantage of an easily configurable layout, customizable images or gifs, countdown timers, personal schedules and more to reflect your event brand.

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Customer Feedback

"The app is really flexible and easy to modify..."

“The app is very user-friendly and it took very little time to set up all the sessions, attendees, presenters, etc. The app is also very flexible and it was very easy to modify and add things at the last minute. Our participants loved the look of the app and how easy it was to download and use. It was extremely convenient to have our agenda available at the tip of our fingers and send announcements and notifications to the group through the app. Customer service of both sales and operations team was excellent and we felt we had all the technical support we needed throughout the workshop. We will definitely use EventMobi again for our next event.”

Beatriz Adan




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