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Offer your attendees a personalized mobile event app experience with content, networking, engagement and navigation at their finger tips. EventMobi’s customizable event application lets you design the right experience for any type or size of event. EventMobi has been the trusted event tech partner at over 25,000 in-person and virtual events over 12+ years.

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The end goal is to build a truly memorable event with creative immersive experiences, but the first step is to cover all of your event basics. Do your attendees know who they should meet and where they need to go? Your convention event app is an interactive pocket guide that helps attendees navigate the event.

An interactive Agenda means that event registrants can sort sessions by date and time, or by tracks! While browsing, they can easily add sessions to their personal schedule by starring them. The organizer can even do the work for them by creating custom schedules for entire groups of attendees at a time.
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Having both public and private messaging options helps attendees network and make valuable connections. With your convention event app profiles, you can also encourage attendees, speakers and exhibitors to share personal information. If attendees want to connect, they can request a meeting right from within a profile!
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A mobile phone showing a map of the event venue with a pin leading to the conference suite. A popup shows the legend key of each section of the map, and another popup shows the Google Maps view of the event venue.
From simple maps to complex multi-venue or multi-floor layouts, advanced mapping allows your attendees to easily locate their destination and find their way around your event. Make finding your key sponsors effortless and ensure no attendees are left behind for those all-important sessions! Think of it as your personal Google Maps.
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A tablet showing an attendee's event badge, and a mobile phone showing another attendee's event badge. A popup shows an attendee ID badge that has been printed in-person, and three popup icons show a QR code, an address book, and a flag with a star.

EventMobi’s tech doubles as an event registration app. Take advantage of your event app’s QR code tool to give your attendees a touchless check-in experience. You can even use these digital badges as a way to track session attendance. What were the most popular speaker sessions? Gathering these valuable analytics is as simple as setting up a badge scanner at the door.

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An in-person event with a live audience, with a popup of a mobile phone showing a poll. Another popup shows one of the gamification challenges of the event.

Adding interactive components to your online event app can be a catalyst for productive conversations and collecting feedback. What’s more, it will turn your event into a channel for crowdsourced content. Let your attendees join the conversation and amplify the fun with EventMobi’s engagement tools.

Live chat isn’t just for virtual events! With your event program app’s Live Chat, attendees can communicate during sessions. That means both remote and onsite attendees can share thoughts in real time at hybrid events. With Q&A, attendees can also ask questions anonymously.
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A conference app solution makes it easy to generate more audience interaction. With live polls and surveys, your attendees can actively participate and provide real-time feedback, share opinions and collaborate. They can also be a great way for sponsors to do market research.
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Engage your attendees and guide their event journey through fun, friendly challenges that reward activities and actions. Gamification can help you achieve your event goals and maximize sponsor ROI. Plus, you’ll be creating a fun and memorable event experience.
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A woman engaging in a virtual breakout room, and a mobile phone showing a landing page for a Year-Round content download.

Use the mobile conference event app as a launching pad for a year-round event community by turning your event space into an evergreen content platform. Keep the conversation going from the original event — and use it as a hub for ongoing meetings and virtual events. Deliver extra value for members, customers and employees to keep them engaged and connected. All year round, your conference resources and sponsored content will be just a click away!

A popup of an analytics report of the App Usage Over Time, another popup showing different numbers of analytics, and another popup showing the logged in rate of the event app during an in-person event.

An event app should improve the event organizer’s experience as much as it does the attendees’. With efficiency as the goal, conference apps should offer solutions for the most common challenges in event management. Registration? EventMobi’s event registration app integrations keep it simple. Measuring event success? Analytics track your hits and misses. Branding? Design tools empower you to customize your event branding.

EventMobi’s event platform makes it easy to manage your entire event technology stack. For registration, take advantage of the competitive rates offered through our partner integration. If you have your own preferred provider, EventMobi is also a pro at integrating with countless other applications — including CRMs like Salesforce.
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EventMobi’s Homepage Designer gives event planners control over the look and feel of their convention event apps. Drag-and-drop design tools mean that you can tweak your event app widgets without using CSS. As an added bonus, all of your settings can be transferred over to a virtual event app if you go hybrid. Want extra help? Our design team is always available.
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Analytics are just as useful for in-person conferences and trade shows as for virtual events. Login rates and page views help to measure brand exposure for sponsors. To gauge networking and engagement levels, look at how many messages were sent, how many chats were started and which users were most active. For video content, track total views or watch duration.
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“We had a lot of individuals on-site actually come and ask, ‘Where did you get this app? How can we use this at our next event?’ And I highly recommend this [event app] for any future event.”
Javon Findlator
Executive Lead, CAMS Visible Minority Committee

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A live display screen in an in-person event showing a sponsor, and a mobile phone showing the virtual booth of the same sponsor through the EventMobi mobile event app.

Using a mobile conference app gives you more ways than ever to meet sponsor goals. Use the app’s event management technology to update onsite Live Display screens with sponsor logos. On the online event app website, use prime real estate like the home screen to showcase your top-tier sponsors. Color-coded ribbons, smart mobile ads, and banner ads are just a few more ways to boost Sponsor ROI.

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A laptop showing the experience manager, and a mobile phone showing the EventMobi Event App’s home screen.

EventMobi’s best-in-class event management app means that it has never been easier for event planners to keep attendees up-to-date. Use your event conference mobile app to communicate important messages, organize event content and answer your attendees’ top FAQs.

A mobile phone showing a push notification of a change of a session’s location, and a popup showing the event app’s specific track of where the session will be held
You will never have to worry about delays to Agenda updates ever again. Changes can easily be made in real time so attendees never miss any vital updates. If you’re worried that they might miss important news, just grab their attention with a push notification or alert within the convention event app.
A mobile phone showing a poll question, a popup showing a chat praising the networking features of EventMobi’s mobile app, and icons pertaining to in-person events.
Including a Document Library in your online event app is a great way to organize session content and other high-value event resources. Plus, it will be easy for attendees to find documents and other content post event. Instant access to that popular presentation slide!
A mobile phone showing a list of FAQs about the event, and a popup showing “Event-App Information” banner
Onsite staff can direct attendees to the Infobooth within the event app to find answers to FAQs. Include other important details, like local transportation options. You also have the option to add a virtual Help Desk, where attendees can send questions to the email of your choice.
A live display screen of the gamification leaderboard, shown at an in-person event.

Phone screens aren’t the only ones you can update in real time! With EventMobi’s Live Display, you can control onsite screens through your event management app. Connect the screens to your event app’s Social Wall or the event game’s Leaderboard. It’s also a great way to showcase sponsor logos for maximum brand exposure. You can even update them on the go if a sponsor decides to change their logo at the last minute.

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Hybrid Events Platform

Engaging two audiences is easier than ever. EventMobi’s Hybrid Event Platform makes it easy to design unique and shared event experiences for your attendees, on-site or online.

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Virtual Events Platform

EventMobi’s professionally managed, end-to-end online events solution has everything you need design personalized attendee experiences, online & in-person.

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