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With polls and surveys, your attendees are anonymous participants in your sessions providing real-time feedback and interaction.

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Key Features

Event_App_Polls_and_Surveys - Engagement

With access to live polls, your speakers can ask questions of the audience throughout their presentations increasing engagement and providing more valuable content to the audience. Polls can also be used during the Q&A part of the presentation with delegates having the opportunity to up-vote certain questions so the speaker can focus on what is most important to the audience.
Event_App_Polls_and_Surveys - Engagement

Easy to access polls within sessions allow speakers to make attendee responses part of their presentations.
Event_App_Polls_and_Surveys - Feedback

Survey attendees when it works best for your event, whether that’s after each session or at the end of the event. Survey’s at the end of each session can provide you with immediate feedback and allows you to react to ratings immediately be it through direct communication with session attendees or by scheduling a repeat of an incredibly popular session.
Event_App_Polls_and_Surveys - Engagement

Gain insight into attendees’ reactions to sessions, speakers. and more in real time to make changes on-the-fly or capture learnings to apply at your next event.
Event_App_Polls_and_Surveys - Participation

Live polls and surveys can help you personalize your event and enhance the overall event experience. The more opportunities you provide for attendees to interact the more value they receive. Using the app for polls and surveys also helps to support those who might have a fear of stepping up to the microphone during an event.
Event_App_Polls_and_Surveys - Participation

Enhance overall engagement at your event by giving your guests a chance to interact, share opinions, and collaborate.


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