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Give attendees the power to maximize the quality of their engagements by kick-starting the process pre-event. Appointment Booking provides the ability to identify and communicate directly with the people who matter the most to them. Reaching out to other attendees for 1:1 meetings has never been easier.

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Your suppliers and exhibitors benefit from Appointment Booking by securing meetings with potential buyers and building long-lasting relationships with industry peers.

Key Features

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We’ve built our Appointment Booking tool with one goal in mind: Ease of Use. The simple and convenient design requires no training or special skills from your attendees to start booking 1:1 meetings with each other.
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An easy two-step process:
1) Use the event app to find a specific person in the attendee list
2) Request a meeting with that person (send through push notifications)

You can then view your appointment details in your agenda and cancel an accepted meeting, if needed.
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By integrating Appointment Booking and Chat, attendees can easily schedule 1:1 meetings. No more back and forth through email or other communication channels. Plus, the meeting shows up in each party’s personalized agenda.
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  • View appointments in your personal agenda and the menu view
  • Invited attendees are notified by event feed, email, and push notifications
  • Ability to accept or decline the meeting invitation through chat
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    Event App personal Schedule showing the meeting

    Provide your guests with one of the most secure appointment booking event apps on the market. They can have confidence in knowing that communication is delivered in a private 1-on-1 channel only visible to the meeting participants.
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  • Secure 1:1 connection
  • Chat and meeting details are only visible to meeting participants
  • Attendees can easily opt out of receiving appointment requests in their preference centre
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