Gamification can help you achieve your event goals, while you create a fun, exciting and memorable experience for your guests.

Reward your guests interacting with others, visiting exhibitors or attending sessions. A posted leaderboard will help fuel the friendly competition and fun experience.
Event Gamification Leaderboard

More than any other mobile event game, EventMobi Gamification goes beyond app engagement and focuses on event engagement. In minutes, you can create an unlimited number of challenges, select the number of points you want to award, promote your game, and watch attendees climb the live leaderboard. Customize your challenges to revolve around your event objectives, ensuring your game is fun for attendees and effective in achieving high-level goals.

Set the objectives and rewards for your guests. Through your event platform, you can easily set up your game and help your guest get the most out of your event – and have plenty of fun doing it.
Event Gamification Challenges

Customize your event with different game types to influence the actions of your attendees. Sample game types include: NETWORKING Encourage participants to make new connections. Enter the passcode on the back of another attendee’s name badge to earn points and prove that you’re the top networker. EXHIBITOR CHECK-IN Drive traffic through the trade show floor with booth check-ins. Exhibitors can openly display their check-in code or reward engaged participants with it after a conversation or product pitch. SESSION CHECK-IN Bolster attendance by assigning points for different sessions, rewarding the most knowledge-hungry attendee. SPONSOR CHECK-IN While every other exhibitor awards 10 points when participants visit their booth, 50 points can be awarded when participants visit sponsors, increasing attention and exposure. SPECIAL EVENT CHECK-IN Lead participants to sponsor presentations, special galas and other small events by awarding a high number of points for checking in.

Provide your guests with the motivating fun of instant gratification. Real-time updates and syncing will ensure they see their progress on their mobile devices and posted leaderboards on your Live Displays.
Event Gamification Scavenger Hunt

Gamification is a powerful way to inspire action at your events. Whether your goal is to increase networking or drive traffic to exhibitors’ booths, awarding points and providing incentives can ignite your event. Leaderboards sync in real time both within your and on your Live Display screens providing additional motivation for attendees to participate.

Many planners want to incorporate gamification into their events—but they often don’t know where to start, or if it will even be worth their time in terms of attendee participation rates.

Let us design your game concept and create all the elements needed to run it. Plus, we’ll send someone from our team on-site during your event to help manage the game, communicate with attendees and promote participation.

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