Amp up the fun, encourage friendly competition, and drive interactions between attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Two event attendees smiling while one of them points to something on their phone screen.
Reward attendees for connecting with each other throughout your event. Get them invested in participation by adding some friendly competition.
Get Inspired by These 19 Event Gamification Ideas
An attendee and booth staff talking at an event.
Set up sponsored challenges or activities for additional brand exposure. Encourage attendees to have conversations with sponsors and exhibitors to get codes.
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A speaker presenting on stage to a seated audience.
Drive session attendance, in-person or virtually, by “hiding” codes in presentations. Use quizzes and trivia questions to help attendees retain information.
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A leaderboard for an event gamification challenge displayed on a phone screen and a live display screen.

  • Step 1: Set up challenges based on your event goals
  • Step 2: Motivate attendees to join by highlighting rewards via push notifications, emails, and alerts
  • Step 3: Showcase the in-app leaderboard on Live Display Screens onsite to increase excitement and participation

"Gamification is a great feature."

It helps attendees really engage with our exhibitors and just get people moving through the show floor.

Samantha Nagy

Marketing Strategist, Newcom Media

"We got amazing feedback from attendees."

Someone wrote that the mobile Event App was the best update to our conference this year and that the CSAE Challenge was the biggest conversation starter.

Rachel Lyon

Manager, Conference & Events, CSAE

"The biggest part of the event was our networking challenge."

Every time you met someone new, you were awarded a certain amount of points.

Javon Findlator,

Executive Lead, CAMS Visible Minority Committee

From corporate trainings to conferences, customize your EventMobi Event App gamification challenges to match your goals and attendees' preferences.

Use event gamification as a fun way to break the ice between event participants.

  • Add passcodes on the back of attendees’ name badges
  • Let them earn points for interacting with each other
  • Assign unique codes to everyone or to a specific group, such as first-time attendees or new members

Help exhibitors engage with as many of your attendees as possible at in-person or virtual events.

  • Increase traffic around the show floor
  • Encourage check-ins by adding unique codes to exhibitor booths
  • Let your exhibitors choose between displaying the code in their booth or sharing it after a conversation

Use Event App gamification to offer your sponsors additional opportunities to get in front of the attendees.

  • Assign different point values to different sponsorship tiers
  • Motivate more attendees to connect with higher-tier sponsors
  • Create sponsored challenges for additional visibility

Bolster attendance and improve learning outcomes with event gamification software.

  • Award points for attending live sessions
  • Reveal codes during speaker sessions or Q&A to encourage attendance and active listening
  • Measure knowledge retention by creating challenges specific to certain sessions

Incentivize attending smaller events or avoiding peak check-in times.

  • Encourage attendance of sponsor presentations or special galas
  • Drive higher participation at networking events
  • Reward early check-ins or staying on top of the event schedule

National conference for franchisees

“Because of the Event App and gamification challenges, they were able to have conversations they wouldn’t normally have had at the conference. We saw so many people talking with one another. It was a noticeable difference from previous years. Both attendees and vendors mentioned that they were grateful for the networking opportunities.”
The goal of the conference was focused on attendee networking and getting people to build their network within the franchisee community.

Tim Sedgwick
Director of National Accounts, Real Property Management

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Virtual state-wide seminar

“We heard that it was the best virtual conference that anybody had been to.”
Fun, Texas-themed passphrases, like “Dr. Pepper and Chickosticks” and “Marfa Lights,” were used for each presentation to make sure attendees were paying attention.

Emily Cook
Office Manager, University of North Texas’ Center for Public Management

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Virtual wealth and retirement industry conference

“We ran a scavenger hunt game to engage attendees, and had lots of people playing. Some even asked me for clues on how to beat other players!”
A scavenger hunt game helped drive attendee engagement by asking questions about the association, the event, and the sponsors. Over 50% of attendees visited virtual sponsor booths and 28% downloaded their marketing materials.

Cindy Smith
Communications Manager, CLHIA

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"The event app absolutely enhanced the attendee experience."

The experience became interactive because they were able to participate, rather than just passively attend the event. And working with the EventMobi team was as seamless as using the app.

Carrie Jackson

Director of Sales, Groups & Events, Cineplex

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