Make their experience unforgettable.

Get all of the information you need about your attendees with an easy and fully branded registration and check-in process.

Registration & Check-in

Quickly and easily, you can provide your guests with everything they need to stay informed and get excited. Centralize event documents, communicate updates on the fly, and ensure your event runs smoothly.

Event Apps

Use polls and surveys to get onsite feedback on how attendees are enjoying particular sessions or activities and make changes as needed.

Live Polls & Surveys
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"Customer service was outstanding..."

“…They made it easy every step of the way. Creating and maintaining the app was easy to do and user friendly…”

Brittany Lawrence

Association of Educational Publishers

"Customer Service..."

“Eventmobi customer service is outstanding. Every person I talk to is a problem-solver, coming up with ways to make what I need to happen, happen. I think it’s probably the best customer service organization I’ve ever worked with. No complaints, and they consistently, always go above and beyond. Wonderful stuff.”

Paula Woodham

Texas Christian Homeschool Prom