Our Live Display cycles through your current and upcoming sessions, game leaderboards, social feed, sponsor messages and more.
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All you need to do is drag and drop to make your event an enriching experience for you and your guests.

Key Features

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Generate new revenue from sponsorships and exhibitors with a number of brand placement opportunities.
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Generate new revenue from sponsors with the Featured Partners screen in your EventMobi Live Display. Within the Partners screen you can cycle through five different images or logos keeping your top partners and sponsors happy.
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Instantly broadcast to your guests with real-time updates, alerts and event information.
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Communicate critical event information with event app alerts pushed to the Live Display. Also using the Agenda screen you can ensure that attendees know what’s happening now and what is coming up next.
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Showcase social media engagement, provide session overviews and encourage game-participation by displaying instructions and leaderboards.
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With the Social Media you can highlight tweets and make social sharing at your event more fun and interactive for attendees. The Leaderboard screen keeps your attendees engaged with the games you are running and inspires their competitive spirits!


"Appreciated by attendees…..."

The EventMobi app was very well received and appreciated by attendees! Attendees had fewer logistical questions, were extremely engaged, and loved the live Q&A feature.

Samantha Harflett


"Customizable, Dynamic, and Professional Platform..."

The customizable, dynamic and professional quality of the EventMobi platform made the final product look and feel responsive to the needs of our conference presenters, attendees and planning committee.

Amanda Meighan

Near North District School Board

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