Create Interaction

With our platform you can quickly and easily facilitate an interactive and enriching Sales Kickoff. Our platform gives you the ability to provide attendees with the knowledge they need as well as the opportunity to meet and converse with guest speakers and each other.
Within our Event App, you can deliver all of the essential information your reps need to know, including product documentation and other training tools. The app supports your sales enablement efforts so you can provide your sales team with everything they need to stay informed and excited.
Event Apps
With Live Display you can use screens throughout the event to push important information to attendees. It also enables you to highlight game leaderboards – building additional excitement and competition.
Live Display
Gamification can help you achieve your event goals while creating a fun, exciting and memorable experience for your attendees.
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"Building the app was actually fun..."

“…You guys do a great job of making it easy for people like me. I cannot wait to work with you for my 2014 event…”

Lisa Ingrassia

Zenith Marketing Group

"Turning skeptics into believers..."

I was skeptical about adding another layer of complexity to managing our events, and resisted going the online route… but EventMobi has made a believer out of me. I’m actually looking forward to our next event so I can work towards making EventMobi even better for our attendees!

Tanya Durr

CEM Benchmarking Inc