Understand your audience and which elements of your campaign are the most engaging with your very own social media tracking dashboard. Capture all posts and user-generated content about your event and easily identify and re-share the best content.

Comprehensive metrics showing your event’s reach, demographics, and artificial-intelligence sentiment analysis are available within customizable, shareable, and downloadable reports. You can even compare the performance for different hashtags, or year-over-year improvement.

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Engagement Dashboard

Understand who your followers and competitors’ followers are, so you can speak to them in a way that will resonate. Smart algorithm will analyze your social media results and recommend when the perfect time is to post your content so it gains the most traction. Your overall account growth can easily be measured, including metrics such as follower count, engagement times, account growth, and post types.

Social Media Wall

Help your attendees connect with each other and share their experiences by live-streaming their social media posts during your event. A great tool to bring together your entire community including attendees at multi-hub events as well those unable to attend in-person.

Social Media Influencers Analytics

Maximize your reach by identifying, and monitoring the top influential users, and content related to your event. Measure how each influencer is adding to the overall reach, engagement, and impressions of your brand, campaigns, & events. Use data from the social media reporting dashboard to provide recommendations to influencers on how to optimize their posts and increase online engagement.


Social Media Analytics can be used on its own OR can be used as part of an Event App purchase to prove the real impact of your event’s social media and online reach to your sponsors and supporters.

  • 3 trackers (hashtags or keywords)
  • Social media accounts monitoring 4 accounts: Instagram, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Tiktok, and Youtube
  • 6 months of real-time tracking
  • Social Media Wall (onsite screens or website embeds)
  • Live reports and email notifications
  • Full influencer analytics
  • 5,000 monthly posts, with sentiment analysis
  • Social network dashboard for comparing hashtags and trackers
An event organizer updating their Event App using EventMobi's Experience Manager.

Looking for more ways to generate buzz around your events program? An Event App can help engage attendees before, during, and after your events–and getting started isn’t as complicated as you might think! Watch as EventMobi’s Anton von Verschuer demonstrates how to create your own Event App in 6 easy steps.

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