A flowchart illustrating how hybrid events work: an in-person event is being live streamed and watched at home by a woman from her laptop on the EventMobi Virtual and hybrid events platform.Tags explaining how hybrid events offer in-person access and virtual access surround the image, and three options for virtual access connect to the popup: Watch Live, Watch On-Demand, and Video Library.

Hybrid meetings and events are not one-size-fits-all, but the EventMobi virtual and hybrid events solution lets you design and deliver any configuration including:

  • Simultaneous Live Hybrid: Offer in-person & virtual sessions at the same time
  • Extended Access Hybrid: Offer recordings of your in-person sessions on-demand in your virtual event space
  • Asynchronous Hybrid: Run in-person and virtual sessions on different days
  • Partially-Synchronous Hybrid: Run online sessions pre- or post-event with in-person sessions in between

The EventMobi Hybrid Events Platform is the only advanced solution that is both affordable and easy to use. Learn more about the hybrid event benefits you’ll get with EventMobi:

An example of a custom event registration website, with a pop up that informs the registrant of different ticket types. Two icons about registration surround the image.
Design beautiful event marketing websites with in-person, virtual, and hybrid tickets, flexible payment options and check-in.
A browser window of a page from EventMobi's Experience Manager, with pop ups of a color picker and the different session tracks. Two icons pertaining to app customization surround the image.
Build fully customized mobile Event Apps and Virtual Event Spaces at the same time with our dedicated CMS, the Experience Manager.
A browser window showcases an in-person speaker session broadcasting through EventMobi's Virtual Event Space, with an overlaid mobile event app screen showcasing a live session chat. Two icons pertaining to in-person events surround the image.
Gate sessions for exclusive remote or in-person access, or stream speaker sessions to both complete with shared engagement tools.
Two attendees engage in a virtual one-on-one meeting inside EventMobi's virtual event space, with an overlaid mobile event app showcasing a one-on-one meeting invitation between two event attendees.

Facilitate networking for both attendee types with features that make it easy to connect in-person and online.

  • Attendees, speakers and sponsors can create robust profiles with self-edit links
  • Schedule meetings with in-person and virtual appointment booking
  • Connect with private chat and group discussions
  • Set up 1:1 video meetings or meet in groups with interactive breakout rooms

A woman viewing an ongoing virtual event on her laptop in the EventMobi virtual and hybrid event platform, with an overlaid mobile phone showcasing a gamification challenge leaderboard and a pop up with the challenge details.

Entertain and engage your audience with the most comprehensive feature set of any hybrid conference platform.

  • Encourage all attendees to participate in real-time with Q&A, live polls and session chat
  • Create gamification challenges with a shared leaderboard
  • Build a content library by uploading session recordings for attendees to watch later
  • Gather feedback from both sides with surveys

Easily scale your hybrid event production and set up as many concurrent sessions as you need. Attendee time zones means your global audience can build their personalized agenda with ease.

A hand holding a mobile event app featuring an event homescreen in front of an audience watching a conference presentation on stage.
Offer your attendees easy on-site access to documents and downloads, and upload session recordings to the content library for post event viewing.
Event App Platform
A woman watching a virtual speaker session on her laptop in the EventMobi hybrid conference platform.
Create a mix of one-way broadcasts and two-way conversations with live stream & simulive sessions, video on-demand, and interactive breakout rooms.
Virtual Events Platform
A hand holding a mobile event app showcasing a mobile event app at a hybrid conference, while a remote attendee watches a speaker session on their laptop in the EventMobi virtual and hybrid meetings platform.
Live stream speaker sessions directly into your virtual event space; attendees with both in-person and virtual access have the ability to toggle live stream content off.
Hyrbid Events Platform
Four images showing different types of virtual and hybrid seminars, conferences and meetings with speakers, event audiences and remote attendees.

Wondering if the latest hybrid events trends are right for you? Event Organizers use EventMobi to design virtual and hybrid meetings including:

  • User Conference
  • Partner Conference
  • Product Launch
  • Road Show
  • Company Retreat
  • Sales Kick-Off
  • Board Meeting
  • Annual Conference
  • Trade Show
  • AGM

“Having the combination of virtual and in-person in a hybrid model, it’s amazing how it all comes together in one platform, delivered through one team.”
Chris Rasmussen
CEO, Peerscale

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A photo of a GoLive! Production professional setting up a stream on his computer, with popups of "The Livestream Will Start Soon" and a countdown surrounding the photo.

EventMobi’s GoLive! Event Production team will be on hand to help you plan and host a successful hybrid event. Your team of professionals will:

  • Manage all aspects of live streaming for your hybrid event
  • Transform your in-person speaker sessions into engaging live streams for virtual attendees
  • Work hand-in-hand with your on-site AV team
  • Available to troubleshoot any technical hiccups during the event
  • Provide recordings of live stream sessions post-event for your on-demand content library

On-site Support
Set up on-site with Event Apps with interactive maps, live display & social media wall, check-in & badging, and on-site support services.
Live Streams & Video
All-in-one virtual platform with DIY live streaming, content library with video hosting, interactive breakout rooms, video meetings and more.
Custom Event Apps
Fully customizable Mobile Event App and Virtual Event Space; brand every page with the Home Page Designer and full access to CSS.
Simple Content Management
Easy to use content management system includes simplified data collection via self-edit links, native video hosting, DIY live streaming and more.
Q&A & Surveys
Shared access to networking and engagement tools to educate, entertain and connect in-person and remote attendees, speakers & sponsors.
Promotion & Advertising
Measurable promotion opportunities across your Event App and Virtual Event Space, from banner ads and alerts to sponsored sessions.
Security & Privacy
The only GDPR compliant hybrid event platform that lets you restrict event access and keep full ownership of your event data.
Analytics & Reporting
Track in-person and remote attendee interest, engagement & action from a single dashboard that makes it easy to report on hybrid ROI.
A laptop showing a virtual speaker session in the EventMobi hybrid conference platform, with pop ups showing the logged in rate, the event hashtag, and an in-person attendee badge.

Craft a virtual and hybrid events strategy that keeps your community engaged before and after your hybrid conference is over, with an ongoing series of virtual sessions, content library, group discussions, live chat and more.

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Enhance revenue opportunities
  • Elevate learning & development impact
  • Deepen member/attendee engagement

A woman at a conference table with her colleagues using the EventMobi Hybrid Checklist to plan a hybrid meeting.

The future of events is hybrid, and planners are arming themselves with the tools they need to hit the ground running.

Sign up now to access EventMobi’s Complete Hybrid Event Checklist, a free template ready for you to copy and use as you plan your next hybrid event.

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