Manage multiple events with our multi event app

This time-saving tool not only allows you to manage multiple events, it helps you drive registrations for future events.

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Multi Event App for Multiple Registrations
Now your event guests can sign up for more of your events quickly and conveniently.
Multi Event App: Multiple Registration

No other multi event app on the market allows your attendees to register for your events from within the app. Because EventMobi’s Online Registration seamlessly integrates with your Multi-Event App, your delegates see when registration is open for new events and can access your registration site directly from the app. It’s one more tool you can leverage to drive registrations for your event.
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Multi-Event App-full list of all your events in one place
Attendees can easily launch the app for their event. Plus, access the session information, speakers, venue details and interact with the event community.
Multi-Event_App - Streamline multiple events in one platform

No longer will your attendees have to download separate event apps for each of your meetings, conferences, and seminars. And no longer are you limited to offer an event app just for your largest conferences. With a full list of all your events in one place, your Multi-Event App will live on your attendees’ smartphones year-round, while enhancing attendee experience at every one of your events.
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Multi Event App allows you to build all your events in one platform
Multiple events all managed in one place. This makes planning and management easier while enhancing the convenience for multi-event guests.
Multi-Event_Management-Manage-More 3

Building an app is easy. Building 20 can be expensive. With your Multi-Event App, you only have one iOS/Android app to deploy and manage, reducing your overall cost. One submission process to the app store means you can build your apps faster and easier than ever before. It is finally possible to offer a rich and robust event app for all your conferences, meetings, and seminars.
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Registration & Check-in

Make a brilliant first impression.  With a custom designed event registration app, you’ll be offering your guests an easy and convenient way to sign up.

Event Registration App
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Event Apps

Show them everything, exactly how you want it.  With Eventmobi Event Apps, you can create an accessible, custom, feature-rich experience for your guests.

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