Event attendees viewing Product Con’s event space on their mobile phones and desktop devices. Product Con’s on-site badge with event attendee’s details.

Manage all of the technology your participants interact with and more from one easy-to-use event management platform.

Email invitations, collect registrations, create badges, and check-in attendees with a single platform.
Automatically sync data with your tech stack using off-the-shelf integrations or Zapier.
When you build your mobile event app, you’re also building your virtual and hybrid event space.
Create session live streams in seconds and build customized video libraries of evergreen content.
Entertain and educate your audiences with an end-to-end interactive audience response system.
Connect different event stakeholders with in-person appointments and video meetings.
Track and report on in-person and remote attendee interests, engagement, and actions.
Offer sponsors measurable brand promotion opportunities across the event platform.
The Experience Manager’s Settings tab that provides control over event space settings. A list of an event’s various session tracks.
Our straightforward workflow lets you spend less time on administration and more time on attendee engagement.
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The Experience Manager’s Page Designer feature. AAE Annual Conference’s on-site badge with event attendee’s details.
Powerful design and customization tools ensure everything attendees interact with reflects your brand.
Event Branding and Design
The Experience Manager’s Analytics feature.
Quickly gather real-time analytics and reports to easily measure event and sponsor ROI and inform future planning.
Event Analytics
An event organizer updating their Event App using EventMobi's Experience Manager.

Want to see EventMobi’s Experience Manager in action? Watch this video for a step-by-step demonstration of how to create an Event App of your own from scratch–in just 6 easy steps!

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"It really helped engage our attendees"

The CSAE gamification challenges really helped with engaging our attendees. We designed it in a way that encouraged attendees to interact with each other in order to collect points. We had over 80 people playing the game throughout the conference—which went way beyond my expectations.

Rachel Lyon

Canadian Society of Association Executives

"The event was a great success"

Our event would not have been the success that it was if it wasn’t for the support of EventMobi and using their fantastic software. It was so easy to use, so user-friendly and our attendees, sponsors, speakers and stakeholders absolutely loved using it. We were really able to customize, change it up, switch it up and really just go outside the box.

Mallory Lloyd

Humane Canada

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