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Make signing up for your event easy and convenient for your attendees so they can seamlessly engage.

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Key Features

Event App Registration - Custom - More

Make your first impression a lasting one with a fully branded event page and registration. Your mobile-friendly site makes it easy for attendees to access, register and even pay while they’re on the go.
Event App Registration - Custom - Key Feature

Create a custom branded event website where attendees can easily register and start receiving important event information. Offer special rates and provide discount codes to encourage attendees to register before the event sells out.
Event App Registration - Check-in - More

Keep your events staff on top of everything. As registrants arrive, your team can use the check-in app, accessible via smartphone, tablet and laptop, to track attendance easily and accurately.
Event App Registration - Check-in - Key Feature

Enable guest check-in directly from their phone. Initiate the opportunities for interaction giving you the chance to track activity.
Event App Registration - Seamless Integration - More

Seamlessly integrated, registrant information flows into your event app immediately so you don’t have to worry about uploading and downloading spreadsheets. The work is already done. Attendees can log into your app, personalize their profiles and start networking instantly.

Everything in one place – at your fingertips. Set-up and tracking of Registration & Check-in seamlessly integrated with all the Eventmobi tools you’re using for your event.


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