How to Choose the Best Event Lead Capture App & Create Value for Your Exhibitors

Why is an event lead capture app the key to driving ROI from your upcoming events? Because in order to get the most value possible from your event, your exhibitors need a quick, reliable, and easy-to-use lead capture tool!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of lead capture for events, the different types of lead capture methods available, and the key features to look for in lead capture software. We’ll also provide you with a list of top lead capture apps so you can choose the right one for your events.

What Is Lead Capture?

Lead capture is the process of collecting contact information from event attendees. Beyond simply building a list of names and email addresses, capturing leads creates an opportunity to follow up with attendees post-event and nurture them into customers or association members. 

What’s the Difference Between Lead Retrieval and Lead Capture?

If you’re wondering what the difference is between lead retrieval and capture, the easiest way to understand lead retrieval vs lead capture is to think about who controls the data.

  • Lead capture: Exhibitors and vendors collect leads at an event. This is an interaction between attendees and exhibitors or vendors–and those who “capture” a lead have direct access to the data and control what information they choose to collect from attendees.
  • Lead retrieval: Event exhibitors and vendors access the data via a third party (typically the event organizer). The event organizer determines which attendees qualify as a lead and what information is collected and shared with exhibitors, vendors, and sponsors. 

Here’s another way to look at it: Lead capture and retrieval are different stages of the event lead generation process. In this case, lead capture is the first stage, where exhibitors collect attendee information; and lead retrieval is the next step, which involves processing, analyzing, and working with that data.

Why Is Lead Capture Crucial to Your Next Event or Conference?

What exactly is the value of offering lead capture? Take a look at these reasons why event planners should offer lead capture at events and trade shows:

A visual overview of the benefits of investing in an event lead capture app described below.

Sponsor ROI

Your sponsors invest in your event to gain exposure and connect with leads. Their goal is to meet potential customers so they can strengthen their brand and generate sales. By providing sponsors with an efficient event lead capture tool or process, you help them achieve a higher return on investment (ROI)–and increase the likelihood that they’ll sponsor you again in the future! 

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Exhibitor or vendor ROI

Exhibitors and vendors want to see a return on their investment, too! A reliable lead capture system allows exhibitors and vendors to keep track of and follow up with the many attendees they interact with during your event.

More accurate data

Lead capture data helps your sponsors, exhibitors, and team better understand your target audience and their needs. You can use these insights to make informed decisions and enhance future events.  

Another thing you can tell based on your event lead capture data? Engagement trends! For example, you can see which exhibitors generate the most leads or which booth locations get the most foot traffic. Use this information to improve your future events!

What Are the Different Types of Lead Capture?

Lead capture means collecting information about leads, but how exactly does it work? There are several ways you can capture leads at events, including: 

  • Event badge scanners: Use these to scan attendee badges and collect their information swiftly.
  • QR code scanners: With QR code lead capture, exhibitors can scan an attendee’s QR code to collect their information. Or, attendees can scan a QR code presented at exhibitor booths or sessions to be taken to a landing page where they can enter their contact information. 
  • Sign-in forms: Your trade show lead form can gather attendee data with a traditional, physical event lead capture form, or you can use digital options like Google Forms.
  • Card scanners: These scanners collect attendees’ information by scanning their business cards.
  • Contact forms: Put up a contact form on the event website or in email newsletters and attendees can register for your event from there!
  • Business card exchange: A simple solution—attendees can just exchange business cards with each other and with vendors.

Lead Capture Software: What Features to Look For

What features should you consider in event lead capture software so you can improve lead generation for exhibitors and optimize the event experience for attendees? You might have had some ideas after looking at the EventMobi app. Let’s dive a bit deeper into each feature:

Standalone app for exhibitors

A dedicated app makes capturing leads easy. Exhibitors can just install the app on their device and start scanning badges—no need to fumble with a complicated system of forms, spreadsheets, and mail merge!

QR code scanning

Your lead capture software should include an event badge scanner so exhibitors can scan QR codes to collect lead information. This is a quick and easy way to collect leads that also eliminates the need for attendees to fill out forms.

Editing and adding lead details

Not all leads are built equal—an efficient lead capture app should allow users to edit and add lead details, notes, and tags. This helps exhibitors qualify leads and keep track of their interactions with attendees.

Available on iOS and Android phones

This goes without saying—your event lead capture software should work across devices. You don’t want incompatible devices to prevent your exhibitors from capturing leads!

Exporting info to any CRM

Your lead gen app should integrate with any CRM system so exhibitors can easily add new leads to their database and track their progress.

Lead scoring

As another way to categorize and qualify leads, your lead capture app should allow exhibitors to score leads based on their demographics, interests, and engagement with your event. This allows exhibitors to prioritize and focus their sales efforts on qualified prospects.

Exhibitor self-management

Give your exhibitors agency! Your exhibitors should be able to manage their own leads with the ability to view leads, qualify leads, and schedule appointments.

Cloud backup

Don’t risk your exhibitors losing their lead data due to spotty wifi. Look for lead capture software that stores lead information in the cloud, so exhibitors can access it from anywhere and never lose their data.

Bonus feature: Use a platform that offers appointment booking

What pairs well with lead capture? The ability to book appointments on the spot. By using an event lead generation platform that also supports appointment booking, you can make it even easier for exhibitors to schedule follow-up meetings with your attendees. 

Choosing the Right Event Lead Capture App: Top Solutions to Choose From

Good event lead capture software makes it easy for exhibitors to capture, score, and follow up with leads. There are several different lead capture apps available, so it’s important to choose one that meets your specific needs! Consider what features are most important to you and don’t overlook the value of great customer support.

Here are our recommendations for the 5 best event lead capture apps:

EventMobi‘s Lead Capture App

Over the last 13+ years, EventMobi has supported 30,000+ event planners in creating thousands of events for hundreds of thousands of attendees. More recently, EventMobi launched a dedicated Lead Capture App to allow event organizers to empower their exhibitors. 

EventMobi’s lead capture technology helps your exhibitors connect with leads at trade shows, expos, annual conferences, conventions, and more!

Here are just a few reasons to choose EventMobi as your Lead Capture App:

  • Easy-to-use lead capture. Empower your exhibitors to collect, score, and book appointments with leads through EventMobi’s dedicated Lead Capture App.
  • Ability to self-manage. Company admins can grant booth staff access to lead capture through the Exhibitor Portal.
  • On-the-spot lead scoring. Booth staff can add star ratings, take notes, and complete custom fields set up by company admins. Adding these details keeps lead information organized and makes it simple to follow up later.
  • Safe and secure. EventMobi keeps your data secure in the app and cloud backups.
  • Easily accessible. Exhibitors can use their own mobile device for scanning badges—EventMobi’s mobile lead capture and badge scanner works on iOS and Android.
  • Clear event ROI. EventMobi’s Lead Capture App makes it easy for exhibitors to objectively see and measure the value of your event.

Best for: Lead capture, lead retrieval, event lead management, general event management

Package options: EventMobi offers a range of packages and a la carte event tech and production services. You can request pricing here and a Mobier will be happy to walk you through your best options.

Want to see the app in action? Watch this quick 3-minute video:



Whova is an award-winning app for conferences and community events. Whova’s Lead Retrieval app is known for its user-friendly interface and efficient lead collection capabilities. It supports various lead capture methods, including badge scanning and business card exchange.

Best for: Badge scanning, business card exchange 


Bizzabo’s Lead Capture app is designed to enhance engagement with attendees. It offers features like networking, appointment booking, and live polls, providing valuable opportunities for exhibitors to connect with potential clients.

Best for: Lead capture, attendee engagement


Attendium is an event lead capture app used by leading brands and over 17,000 event professionals. You can search for and check in your guests by name, guest list, or custom fields on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Best for: Lead check-in


iCapture is a lead capture app, enabling exhibitors to segment & score leads or add conversation details to leads to help sales teams re-engage.

Best for: Lead capture, lead scoring

Drive Exhibitor Value with a Dedicated Event Lead Capture App

Having an app dedicated to lead capture can be a game-changer for your event! With EventMobi’s Lead Capture App, you can provide your exhibitors with an efficient, easy way to capture leads at trade shows or events. 

  • Scan QR codes on attendees’ mobile apps or physical badges to collect their info
  • Review and add additional details for leads on the spot
  • Self-manage adding staff and lead qualifiers
  • Easily view and export captured lead information to any CRM
  • Schedule follow-up appointments with leads

The EventMobi Lead Capture App also provides event organizers with valuable insights into lead engagement. You can see which booths or sessions are generating the most leads and then use this information to design better sponsorship packages and improve future events.

Simplify your lead collection process and help exhibitors get more out of your event with the EventMobi Lead Capture App! Contact us to learn more or get a demo.