Live Display Lessons from the Go West 2018 Conference

Go West is an annual national event held in Western Canada for Canadian west coast event professionals to connect, collaborate and learn. Presenting the latest trends in meeting technology, Go West was an eloquently crafted event where technology, design, and innovation were major talking points. In addition to interesting topics, the Go West event team used EventMobi’s event app technology and digital signage product, Live Display. Go West loved the simplicity of EventMobi’s Live Display and how it seamlessly connected to and fed content from their event app to digital screens.

How Go West Used Live Display to Meet Their Objectives

The Go West event planners initially intended to use Live Display to simplify multiple structures in its event schedule, by using it on as many screens around the conference as possible. Since the two days differed in structure and objectives, Go West worked with EventMobi to use a more strategic approach. In order to meet the objectives set for each day of the conference, we helped implement the following Live Display strategy.

Day One

Day One of Go West was a jam-packed conference with zero breaks. They had to keep communication tight and straight to the point to let attendees know what was happening as they encouraged them to network and connect with other attendees. Live Display was presented on 50″ television screens in the foyer just outside the main stage. As attendees registered, they could view the screens and easily get caught up to speed on what was either happening now or coming up.


Promote and increase participation in Go West’s networking gamification game, interact with sponsors, and attend sessions on the main stage.


– Twitter Feed

– Schedule/Agenda

– Networking Game leaderboard and game overview

– Rotating sponsor recognition pages


Day Two

Day Two of Go West started with a few closing sessions in the morning and ended with lunch and a tradeshow. But the learning didn’t stop when the conference sessions ended. There were over 20 workshop-style sessions happening on the tradeshow floor – lots to keep track of and communicate to attendees! The event app enabled attendees to access the full schedule, and even allowed them to create their own personal schedule for the whole conference. For those who didn’t want to plan their schedule through the event app, they could view the Live Display screens located throughout the tradeshow floor projecting content from the event app.


Promote all the tradeshow booths and workshops.


– Schedule/Agenda

– Rotating Sponsor Recognition Pages

– Rotating Tradeshow exhibitor slide promoting the locations of each booth on one main slide.


As a result of the different ways in which EventMobi’s Live Display was used, Go West attendees received all the necessary information they needed at the right time. Live Display enabled the event team to accommodate the particular communication preferences of their varying demographic audience to create an inclusive experience, and ultimately achieve the objectives they had laid out for both days.

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