The Top 20 Event Check-in Software Options for 2024

For event planners and organizers, reliable event check-in software can mean the difference between excited and frustrated attendees. The right tool not only streamlines the registration process but also ensures a smooth, professional experience for attendees from the get-go.

However, with so many options on the market, identifying the best event check-in software for your conference attendance tracking can be quite a task.

In this introduction to the best event check-in software, we’ll look at what each platform has to offer. From seamless integration and ease of use to enhanced networking capabilities and real-time updates, we’ll showcase a curated selection of software features that meet a variety of conference demands.

Whether you’re planning a single professional workshop or a large-scale international conference, there’s software tailored to transform your check-in woes into check-in wows. Stay tuned as we unveil our top picks for elevating your event management to the next level!

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What Is Event Check-in Software?

Event check-in software is designed to streamline attendee arrivals and registration. It replaces traditional paper-based methods with a digital solution, ensuring a fast, secure, and smooth start to any gathering or conference.

This type of software often includes features that enhance the attendee experience and provide event organizers with real-time insights. Some high-value check-in software features include:

  • Detailed analytics
  • Instant badge printing
  • Supplemental self-service check-in kiosks
  • Integrated payment systems

Beyond the check-in process, many event planners prefer an event management platform like EventMobi that also supports networking and attendance tracking and serves as a central hub for event information.

Why Do You Need Event Check-in Software?

The event check-in process isn’t just about ticking off names—it’s the gateway to an immersive event experience. Event check-in software helps you start on the right foot by ensuring a smooth, efficient, and welcoming start to your attendees’ journey.

To understand how event check-in software revolutionizes the entry point of events and beyond, let’s dive into the main benefits of this technology:

The benefits of event check-in software, as outlined in the text below.
  • Streamlines the check-in process: Event check-in software allows attendees to check themselves in with a few taps on a screen, reducing lines and wait times. This makes registration more efficient, improving the attendee experience and freeing up staff to focus on other important event tasks.
  • Provides contactless check-in: In a world where health and safety are more important than ever, offering touchless or contactless check-in options is a necessity. Event check-in software provides a safe way for attendees to register their attendance using their own devices or touchless kiosk systems.
  • Puts your brand at the forefront: Your event check-in software represents the first in-person touchpoint attendees have with your brand. The right platform allows you to extend your event branding seamlessly from digital invitations to the on-site experience, setting the tone for your event and leaving a lasting impression.
  • Tracks attendee sessions: These apps aren’t just for saying “welcome” and printing badges. They’re also sophisticated session tracking tools, providing programming insights, managing room capacities, and keeping tabs on continuing education (CE) credits. For events offering CE credits, this capability can be a crucial component for attendees who need to prove their participation.
  • Measures event success: Understanding the return on investment (ROI) of your event is critical. By collecting data on attendee participation and behavior through your event check-in software, you can gain insights into what worked and what didn’t, which can help in proving the value of your event and improving future events.

Each of these points demonstrates the indispensable nature of event check-in software in modern event planning. From branding and efficiency to health safety and data analytics, these tools are crucial for delivering a successful event in today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world.

What Should You Look for When Evaluating Event Check-in Software Options?

Finding the right event check-in software for your needs involves weighing a variety of features and considerations. Here are some offerings you may look for as you search for that perfect conference check-in software:

What you should look for when evaluating event check-in software options, as outlined in the text below.

Event-Specific Features

The primary purpose of your event check-in software is to assist in providing an efficient, effective event experience. Make sure the platform you choose has features that enhance check-in and the event itself, such as:

  • Versatile check-in options: Flexibility is key. Your software should support multiple check-in methods, including self check-in, manual check-in, and QR code check-in. This variety will cater to different attendee preferences and reduce bottlenecks, ensuring a smooth start to your event.
  • Session check-in: Particularly for conferences, session check-in is invaluable. It allows you to track attendance for breakout sessions, workshops, panels, and keynotes, which is critical for providing insights for future event planning.
  • Additional event features: The best event check-in solutions will offer more than just attendee check-in. Look for features like personalized agendas, networking opportunities, and engagement analytics. These offerings transform a simple check-in platform for events into a comprehensive event management tool.

In addition to relevant software features, your event check-in software provider should also have extensive event management expertise. Look for a provider that has worked closely with event organizers before so they’ll know the ins and outs of the event planning and check-in processes.

General Software Considerations

Any new technology you adopt should fit your organization’s needs and offer a seamless user experience. Check out these general software considerations to keep in mind when looking for an event check-in software platform:

  • Pricing structure: Ensure the pricing aligns with your event’s budget. Whether you’re hosting a one-time event or a series of webinars, the cost should justify the features and support you’re receiving.
  • Customer support: When your event is underway, it’s important to have reliable access to support in case of any technical issues. For peace of mind, choose a software provider that offers 24/7 customer support.
  • Tech requirements: Find out if your event check-in software requires you to rent or buy any specialized hardware that could affect your budget and logistics.
  • Ease of use: The best check-in software is simple for anyone to use, making it easy for your team to set up and manage without extensive training. To fill in any gaps in how to use the software, your vendor should provide onboarding or training materials for your team to reference.
  • Security and privacy: In an age where data breaches are common, security and privacy features are a necessity. Ensure that your event check-in software complies with relevant regulations and takes measures to protect your attendees’ information.

To assist you in the software selection process, look for reviews that point to other event organizers’ experiences with each platform. You can also request demos from the event check-in software providers to test them out for yourself and ensure they’re easy for both your team and attendees to use.

20 Best Event Check-In Software Options

Different event check-in software options may look similar, but it’s important to consider your unique event needs before making a final decision. For example, do you need conference attendance tracking, or are you focused on a virtual check-in app? Finding the best check-in software for your event hinges on distinctions like these. Here are our top 20 to get you started:


EventMobi's logo

EventMobi offers a flexible event management solution with a range of check-in options to fit your event size, needs, and budget. Here are some of the ways you can use EventMobi to improve your event check-in process:

  • Self-service kiosks: Allow attendees to check in at their own pace with dedicated kiosks. To turn any device into a self-service check-in point, organizers can use EventMobi’s Check-in App to set up tablets or laptops in “Kiosk mode” and leave them on the registration desk or near the venue entrance. Not only does offering a self-service check-in process reduce the need for extra staffing, but it also leads to a smoother arrival experience for attendees.
  • QR code scanning: With QR code check-in, attendees simply scan their unique QR codes for a seamless check-in process that’s compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Onsite badge printing: Want to make an amazing first impression? Offer onsite badge printing so attendees can print their badges live on the spot.
  • Session check-in: With EventMobi’s Event App, you can check attendees in and out of specific sessions. Monitor check-in rates, track attendance for CE credits, and gather valuable insights for future event planning.

With advanced event technology, EventMobi has supported 30,000+ event organizers in pulling off thousands of successful events for hundreds of thousands of attendees.

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Attendium's logo

Attendium has carved out a niche for swanky, exclusive gatherings where making a chic first impression is everything. Its streamlined design doesn’t just look good—it enables lightning-fast event entry and allows for guest list management.

Certain Arrive

Certain Arrive's logo

For the heavyweights of event planning, Certain Arrive comes armored with features to handle the grand scale of your conferences and conventions. This app can be especially helpful when you have a large number of attendees to manage.


CrowdPass's logo

CrowdPass pivots the check-in experience towards safety without sacrificing speed. It’s great for event planners who are serious about health protocols, marrying safety perfectly with an efficient, hassle-free entry process.

Cvent OnArrival

Cvent OnArrival's logo

Cvent OnArrival can transform the check-in process. This check-in app is versatile enough to handle both your intimate gatherings and your blockbuster events.


Eventdex's logo

Eventdex is very versatile, offering an array of tools that synergize to streamline every aspect of event management. Beyond check-in, this software comes with a suite of additional event features.


Eventbrite's logo

Eventbrite has a user-friendly interface that simplifies check-in. It also features a robust ticketing system that handles everything from sales to seating.


Eventleaf's logo

Eventleaf boasts branding capabilities that allow event organizers to custom fit the check-in experience to their event’s look and feel, making every welcome as unique as their attendees.


EventX's logo

For those navigating the hybrid event space and looking for a great virtual check-in app, EventX is a solid choice. This platform offers a cohesive experience for both your in-person and virtual attendees.

Google Forms

Google Forms' logo

While Google Forms may not be the most efficient check-in solution, it’s free and flexible, allowing anyone to construct a simple check-in process from the ground up with minimal fuss.

Guest Manager

Guest Manager's logo

Guest Manager acts as a personal event concierge. This software doesn’t just get people through the door—it elevates the whole guest experience, from ticketing to the last goodbye.


Hopin's logo

Hopin is a top check-in software for digital event engagement. There are special features for virtual attendees, making sure no one is left behind in the age of hybrid events.


OneTap's logo

If time is of the essence, OneTap is a good option. It’s quick and delivers a smooth check-in process.


RSVPify's logo

From RSVP to the event day, RSVPify offers excellent event check-in software. It’s all about creating a cohesive attendee experience that starts with a simple check-in note.


Sched's logo

Sched does more than just check people in; it integrates the experience into the larger scale of event planning and scheduling, offering a full suite of tools for the meticulous planner who wants everything in one place.


Stova's logo

For the event maestro who conducts large, complex events, Stova is the check-in software that hits all the right notes. Geared towards conferences, Stova provides support for both pro and enterprise users.


vFairs' logo

Imagine an app that not only gets attendees in the door but also immerses them in a virtual world. vFairs is a great way to offer attendees an immersive digital event experience, blending check-in with the allure of virtual event spaces.

Webex Events

Webex's logo

For events that revolve around connectivity, Webex Events offers a check-in process that connects seamlessly, ensuring the networking starts the moment attendees step through the virtual door.


Whova's logo

With Whova, check-in is just the beginning of an engaging, interactive event journey. In addition to check-in, it offers a variety of event features.

Zoho Backstage

Zoho Backstage's logo

Zoho Backstage is a great choice for business events that demand sophistication and efficiency in their check-in process. With Zoho, professional event check-in becomes part of a suite of powerful management tools.

Sealing the Deal: Why Top Event Check-In Software Leads to Success

As we wrap up our exploration of the best event check-in software, it’s clear that the right tool can significantly elevate the attendee experience. From offering a branded first impression to streamlining registration to providing insightful event data, check-in software is key to your event’s success.

The EventMobi Event Check-in App stands out by offering a blend of all these features, ensuring your event starts on a high note and continues to resonate with attendees throughout. It doubles as a session tracking tool and helps you measure the ROI of your event with precision. Moreover, it’s your ticket to a touchless, hassle-free check-in experience.

Ready to streamline your event check-in process? Embrace the future with EventMobi’s Event Check-in App. It’s time to turn those first moments into lasting impressions and set the stage for an unforgettable event journey.

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