Get Your Guests in Faster with an Event Check-in App

Can an Event Check-in App really make or break the guest check-in experience at in-person events? The simple answer is yes!

Paper lists and expensive scanners are not the best way to check in large numbers of attendees or set the tone for your event. Did you know that the tablet or mobile phone you use daily can efficiently check guests in and out of your events in real-time? When paired with the right Event Check-in App, it’s easy to create a fast event registration and check-in flow for your attendees.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What you can do to speed up your check-in process
  • How to reduce hardware costs 
  • How you can use check-in data to better measure event ROI 

Plus, check out the bonus tip on how to get creative with your check-in data and extract powerful insights using AI! 

Use an Event Check-in App to Speed Up the Process

Long lines at the registration desk are a common frustration for attendees at everything from conferences and trade shows to free events. Typically, delays are caused by event staff checking in attendees with printed lists. This might not make a huge difference at the smallest of events with under 40-50 attendees. But, at larger events, manually checking names off a list one by one will slow down the process and create a poor first impression. That’s why planners need easy-to-use check-in technologies that move attendees out of the registration hall and into the main event experience.

EventMobi’s event management solution includes a user-friendly Event Check-in App that lets you quickly scan attendees in and out of your event and sessions. All you need to do is point the in-app camera at the QR code on an attendee’s physical or digital badge (digital badges are found in the attendee profile in your event’s mobile app!).

An attendee’s unique QR code includes all the information captured at registration—including attendee type, which allows your check-in staff to quickly distinguish between guests with different levels of access. For instance, speakers can be directed backstage before their presentation without having to explain what their role is. Likewise, your staff can recognize VIPs, sponsors, and other important guests immediately at check-in to prevent confusion or potential delays.

If an attendee doesn’t have their badge handy, simply type their name into the app to check them in. EventMobi’s Check-in App is lightning-fast, which means it won’t disrupt attendees as they enter your event and move through sessions. It also produces valuable data, making it easy to measure session performance and award CE credits. In the future, you also have the option to include a QR Code Google Form in the promotional materials for your upcoming event, like posters, flyers, and banners, to achieve faster event check-in.

To make check-in and check-out even faster, create a self-scanning station for your attendees by downloading the Check-in App onto tablets and enabling the service kiosk mode.


EventMobi’s Production Services Team Manager, Ryan Sturno, demonstrates how to get started setting up your event check-in app and create a streamlined self-check-in kiosk with any tablet. 

Reduce Check-in Hardware Costs with an Event Check-in App

Many event teams have tighter budgets than ever, so it’s important to invest in event technology that will reduce costs. Typically, the expense of rented badge scanners is prohibitive for many events. But, when your team’s mobile phones or tablets can be used as scanners, you can affordably increase the number of staff checking attendees in and out.

EventMobi’s Event Check-in App works on any mobile device that can read QR codes. Add staff email addresses to the check-in feature in EventMobi and an access code will be automatically emailed to them. If you’re working with external staff, there’s no need to worry about data privacy. The access code only grants them access to the front end of the Check-in App, so your event data stays safe.

The EventMobi solution also includes an easy-to-use Badge Designer and cost-effective Pre-Printed Badge Ordering—offering yet another opportunity to reduce hardware costs and make badging the least stressful part of your event. With Pre-Printed Badges, you can place your order through the EventMobi platform, so all of your attendee data is automatically synced and ready to print. Simply select the number of badges you’d like, review your quote, and enter your address, and your laminated, ready-to-wear badges will arrive at your venue within 5 business days!

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Measure Your ROI Better by Tracking Attendance with an Event Check-in App

Accurately reporting on in-person events as a marketing and engagement channel is a challenge for planners. Registration software can’t tell you what happens onsite! But, by leveraging an easy-to-use check-in app with powerful analytics in the backend, you’ll get valuable details about the event attendee journey.

As attendees scan in and out of sessions, you’ll see where—and for how long—they chose to spend their time at your event. This is important for awarding CE credits and reporting on sponsored session ROI. This data will come in handy when you need to prove the value of your event to potential sponsors next year! Use it to highlight attendee demographics and report on engagement by measuring time spent in sessions.

BONUS: Use AI to Generate Reports with Your Check-in Data

Did you know AI can help you generate different types of reports based on your check-in data? Say you’re responsible for member education at your association and need to award CE credits. Instead of manually calculating time spent in sessions for every attendee, you can ask an AI tool like ChatGPT to tell you how long attendees spent in sessions so you can allocate credits accordingly. Check out the video from our VP of Product Marketing, Thorben Gosser, who breaks down how to do this step-by-step.

Thorben Grosser demonstrates how you can use ChatGPT to bulk-calculate attendee time spent in sessions.

Create the Best Event Check-in Experience for Your Guests

What happens at check-in will set the tone for the rest of your event. Paper lists and expensive scanners will slow down the check-in process—not the best start for your attendees! EventMobi’s Event Check-in app will help you get your guests faster, save money on hardware, track session attendance, and measure event ROI. Plus, you can feed that data into an AI tool to get even more insights if you need to.

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