Creative Ways to Use Live Polling at Your Events

Since it’s inception, the 3rd Annual JNF Tech Shuk has decided the winner of the Lion’s Den Competition by using Eventmobi’s in-app live polling feature. Typically at Eventmobi, we see live polling as a source of surveying the crowd for information during a session and that stays between the speaker and the audience. But Tech Shuk did something a little different, and in the process demonstrates how the creative utilization of event technology can positively impact an event.

JNF Tech Shuk Live Polling 1

Hosted at the Toronto Public Library, the 2017 JNF Tech Shuck began with networking, hors d’oeuvres, and a demo pit. The crowd was made up of promising Canadian and Israeli tech startups, voters, and the “Lions ” — four accomplished Canadian business leaders looking to select a winner of the mentorship prize up for grabs.

The startups set up their tables down the middle of the room, their products and company on display as the crowd and Lions toured the room networking and critiquing the business. There were four lucky startups that earned the opportunity to pitch their company to the Lions, three of which were pre-selected, leaving just one spot available. The crowd had the power to decide who would be the lucky #4 spot to pitch their business to the Lions.

The 2017 JNF Tech Shuk used the EventMobi live polling feature to enable the crowd to cast their votes. And if that wasn’t enough pressure on the startups, Tech Shuk turned up the heat by displaying the results on the big screen for a whole hour so the voters and startups could see who was the crowd’s favorite as votes came in.

JNF Tech Shuk Live Polling

The startup 6ix won the chance to pitch to the Lion’s in the Lion’s Den Competition with 73% of the audience votes! Once the polls closed and the votes were in, the startups had a few moments during the keynote to practice their pitches and get ready for their 3 minute pitches in the Lion’s Den Competition. Ultimately, it was the startup Feedback that took home the prize, impressing the Lion’s with their business and presentation.

JNF Tech Shuk Live Polling3

Congratulations to all of the startup’s that showcased their incredible ideas and businesses, Eventmobi was proud to sponsor and be part of this awesome event!