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Eventmobi performance ensures you know how your event is performing. This gives you the remarkable ability to make adjustments, today or tomorrow, and expand your event planning knowledge.

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Key Features

Event App Reporting - Engagement - Key Feature


A quick glimpse can give you an idea of how your event is performing. Understand which sessions people like, and how they are engaging with one another.
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In depth analytics allow you to see how many messages have been sent, who is taking notes and how many people have logged in and set up profiles. Armed with this information prior to your event you can set reminders for profile set up, and offer tips for best using the app during the event.
Event App Reporting - On Demand - Key Feature


You have the ability to see live analytics and generate reports on-demand. End-of-day and post-event reports help you improve the experience at every opportunity.
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Leveraging the reporting capabilities throughout the event offers you the opportunity to assess adoption and interaction throughout the event and change what you are doing to increase participation. No more waiting until after the event for your analytics, check event logins before and during the event and put mechanisms in place to increase adoption.
Event App Reporting - Analytics - Key Feature


Your analytics experts at EventMobi can review your post-event numbers. Use insights that you can take back to your team and incorporate into your planning process.
Event App Reporting - Analytics - More


Our post event debrief helps you to dive into your event data and analyze the results. Use these insights to begin your planning for next year and to provide board-level reports to showcase your event success.


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