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EventMobi was started back in May of 2009. The idea was, and still is, to revolutionize and enhance the event experiences for event organizers and attendees alike by embracing the latest in mobile technology.

Our Story

EventMobi Team

As an innovative pioneer in the event app industry partnered with highly respected industry suppliers around the world, EventMobi has become the #1 mobile platform for the event industry – affordable, reliable, and scalable for any event, of any size.

We aren't just technologists and developers – we’re event planners and event attendees too.

We've always had this perspective in mind while developing our platform. We’ve paid very close attention to the user experience - your experience - to build the app that we think every event and event planner needs. We've married the needs of attendees with cutting edge web and mobile development to deliver the preeminent event management and attendee experience platform. All while empowering every event planner with the best and easiest to use Content Manager for our industry.

The Team

EventMobi Team EventMobi Team

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