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In 2010, the mission was to simply replace the paper show guide at conferences. Today, EventMobi is empowering event professionals around the world with the ability to create, customize and launch their own mobile event apps.

Our Story

EventMobi Team
EventMobi is the #1 event app platform worldwide reaching thousands of event planners and millions of attendees in over 40 countries.

Supporting a variety of organizations from Fortune 500 to professional associations, we’re a unique team of tech nerds and event planners striving to make events more impactful.

Now, with integrated registration, surveys, live polling, custom event games and more, EventMobi provides everything in one easy-to-use solution. Carefully blending user experience with event experience, attendees have powerful networking and engagement tools leading to more effective, more efficient meetings.

The Team

EventMobi Team EventMobi Team