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Event Engagement

Driving Member Engagement Through Mobile


In this whitepaper, we explore the impact of mobile communications on members expectations and provide an easy, step-by-step plan to identify where, when, and how mobile fits into a year-round membership engagement strategy. Download >

Complimentary Report: Increase Payoff for B2B Events


Events represent one of the biggest parts of the marketing budget. If you want to make sure you are optimizing that spend and maximizing attendee experience, be sure to download this insightful report by Forrester analyst, Laura Ramos. View >

Attendee Engagement: A Changing Reality


As technology becomes a ubiquitous part of our lives, attendee focus and engagement is shifting from face-to-face to mobile. See the data and commentary from leading event technology leaders. Download >

How Crowdsourced Live-Streaming Will Change Events


Democratized live-streaming technology exists in the hands of every attendee. How can event professionals protect content, encourage sharing and adapt to the changing reality of event engagement. Read More >

3 Simple Tips to Turn Session Q&A on Its Head


Between long-winded attendees and uninspiring speakers, session Q&A can be a challenge to manage. Hear how one pro is using technology and turning his question and anwer period on its head. Read More >

Multiscreen Attendees and How to Get Ready


On average, Americans own four smart devices. Is your event experience accessible on the technology they bring to your event? See what organizers can do to accommodate the mutliscreen attendee. Read More >

How Event Apps Enhance Internal Meetings


Event apps are powerful collaborative tools not only for large events, but smaller internal meetings too. See how an event design and production agency used an event app for their company retreat. Download >

Event App Case Study: Driving Member Engagement


Implementing technology not only enhances the experience for attendees, it also demonstrates leadership and innovation. See how the Boys & Girls Clubs of America took their event app investment to the next level. Read More >

What Attendees Actually Want in Their Event App


Attendee needs are always changing and when it comes to technology, event organizers don't always have their finger on the pulse. Here's a look at what organizers think attendees want versus what their attendees actually want. Read More >

Live Display - Amplify Engagement, Wow Attendees


Learn about how Live Display can captivate and inform attendees at-a-glance. Leverage Live Display to encourage event app, gamification and social media engagement and see how it can help generate sponsorship revenue. Watch Now >

Create Networking Opportunities


More than ever, face-to-face meetings are important in helping business grow and professionals connect. Mobile event apps can help facilitate those all-important meetings ensuring every attendee sees value in your event. Watch Now >

Launch Live Polls and Surveys


Turn your keynotes into conversations with live polls that quickly and easily return live results engaging the audience and adding a layer of knowledge to the experience. Afterwards, send mobile-friendly surveys to gain valuable feedback. Watch Now >

Event App Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Event App Marketing


Maximize event app usage and deliver that powerful event experience you worked hard to create. Discover offline, onsite and over-the-top event app promotion strategies to ensure attendees are engaged. Download >

How to Increase Event App Adoption - Part 1


Like the success of your event, the adoption of your event app by attendees starts with understanding your audience. In the first part, you will learn how to select effective media channels for your promotional strategy, leverage and engage staff, speakers and influencers to boost adoption and tips and tricks to increase event app engagement onsite. Watch Now >

How to Increase Event App Adoption - Part 2


Understanding your audience is the first step to a successful adoption of your event app. In Part 2 of our webinar series, learn how to create messaging that encourages your attendees to download your app and build a working timeline to plan your pre-event promotional activities. Watch Now >

Event Sponsorship

Get Sponsors for Your Event App


Event technology offers numerous ways to generate non-dues revenue for small and large meetings. With attendees constantly referring to their event app, sponsors can take advantage with valuable brand-in-hand exposure. Watch Now >

The Ultimate Guide to Event App Sponsorship


Event apps offer a wealth of revenue-generation opportunities from advertising to sponsored notifications. Learn everything you need to know from pricing strategy to post-event ROI reporting. Download >

How to Price Event App Sponsorship


Pricing your event app sponsorship package is a challenge because every sponsor has different needs. This formula gives you the four simple steps to finding the price point that’s right for you and your prospective sponsors. Read More >

Event App Advertising for #EventProfs


A key aspect of your sponsorship strategy is in-app advertising for one or multiple sponsors. From banner ads to custom navigation, here's how you can deliver value to your sponsors through your event app. Read More >

Event App Analytics

EventMobi Data after Creating 7,000 Event Apps


EventMobi has provided over 7,000 event apps for conferences and meetings worldwide since 2009. See more amazing data we've collected from event app feature usage to paper pages saved to employee engagement. View >

Event App Customization

The Ultimate Guide to Event App Customization


Extend your brand from the live event into the hands of every attendee. Everything in your event app can be customized from the look and feel down to the page navigation. Learn how the pros are customizing their event apps. Download >

8 Ways to Make Your Event More Personal


Every attendee arrives at your event with a different set of objectives and expectations. Learn how organizers use technology to ensure attendees make the most of their event experience and deliver unexpected value. Read More >

Top 3 Customized Event Apps from the Past Year


Extend your event branding to mobile with powerful customization technology. Home Screen graphics and real-time updates across all devices take your event experience beyond the face-to-face. Read More >

Design Brief Template: Customizing Your Event App


Your event app should be a reflection of your brand and set the stage for the attendee experience onsite. Draw inspiration and customization ideas from this deck and use the design brief template to share them with your design team. Download >

Break the Event App Mold with Advanced Designer


Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish we could do that with our event app?” Well, no more! In this 30 minute webinar, we’ll show you how you and your designer will have unrestricted ability to dream, design, and customize an extraordinary event app. Watch Now >

Event Gamification

See How Event Gamification Works


Event games can excite, educate and engage attendees transforming them into participants. Discover all the amazing ways planners are using games to run better events. How-to guides and event game ebooks can help you get started today. Watch Now >

The Ultimate Guide to Event Gamification


Let us guide you through the history, concept, strategy, benefits, and real-world application of gamification at events. We provide useful examples, tips, and inspiration to get you started. Download >

Implementation Guide - Check-In Game


Sleepy attendees lacking enthusiasm? Get them up and moving around! Encourage attendees to fully explore your event and check-in to important locations, which will improve their overall experience. Download >

Implementation Guide - Networking Game


The days of cliquey coffee breaks, unproductive meetings, and dead air during sessions are over. Incentivize attendees to reach out, introduce themselves, and become participants at your event. Download >

Implementation Guide - Scavenger Hunt Game


Emails and phone calls from the office can be distracting. Keep your attendees focused and generate new revenue from your event by ensuring they meet key individuals and visit key places. Download >