CSAE Achieves 90% Attendee Engagement Through Their Mobile Event App

The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) is Canada’s premiere association advocate. They hold their annual three-day national conference in a different Canadian city every October. Much of CSAE’s event revenue and overall event experience revolves around their sponsors and exhibitors, so it’s crucial that they provide a variety of creative technology options. In addition, attendees now expect a seamless event experience, where they can access information whenever they want, network with other attendees and vendors, and provide feedback to session speakers and event organizers. This made finding an event app provider who could help CSAE increase attendee engagement a key priority for the Events team.

CSAE has used EventMobi’s app over the past two years for their annual national conference. Their app makes use of basic features such as an agenda section, speaker bios, and a document manager for handout uploads. But in order to create an impactful experience and increase attendee engagement, CSAE decided to utilize the following unique EventMobi features at their 2017 conference:

CSAE_Gamification Leaderboard


The gamification feature was built using trivia questions provided by sponsors, exhibitors, and CSAE staff members. In order to win points, attendees were encouraged to connect with sponsor and exhibitor representatives at the event to get the answers. Sponsors and showcase exhibitors donated 25 prizes, which acted as motivation for attendees to play the game and collect points. In order to acquire points, many of the tasks involved networking with sponsors and exhibitors and visiting their booths.

CSAE Gamification Challenge

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Feedback Surveys

CSAE used session and overall event feedback surveys to get real-time feedback and insight. Speakers and moderators promoted the feedback surveys in the app during their sessions, and event organizers sent notifications for overall event feedback. This provided valuable information that could be leveraged by the CSAE team to address things they may have missed during the planning stage of the event. Ultimately, the team gained ideas for quick hits that would help increase attendee engagement.

Prior to using EventMobi, CSAE used to send out their evaluations through email. But since using the EventMobi app feature, attendee feedback has increased.

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Interactive Trade Show Floor Plan

The interactive trade show floor plan provided a quick and easy way for attendees to visually find sponsors and exhibitors on the trade show floor. Attendees were able to see exactly where booths were located within the trade show area, and make the most of their time speaking to vendors throughout the event.

Rachel Lyon from the Events team recalls,

“We really liked the interactive trade show floor plan. To be able to click on an exhibitor profile and have the interface take you to a pinpoint on the map so you knew where their booth was located – that was really cool! Little things like that make a difference to the overall attendee experience.”

Attendee Engagement Success

Overall, CSAE was able to increase attendee engagement by leveraging unique features in EventMobi’s event app, specifically gamification in the form of the CSAE Challenge. CSAE achieved their event goal and expectations were exceeded, with almost 20% of attendees having participated in the CSAE Challenge throughout the conference. Since updating to the EventMobi app, CSAE’s app engagement at their annual national conference has grown every year.

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