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Bridge language barriers

Virtual events offer unmatched reach and scale, but language is a significant barrier to engaging a global audience. Live translation by professional human interpreters allows event and conference speakers to present in their native tongue while attendees listen in their preferred language.

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Interpretation Options

EventMobi’s integration with KUDO, the world’s leading cloud-based Language-as-a-Service platform, means simultaneous interpretations are broadcast through the video player within your Virtual Space. Sign language interpreters are visible in a video window right below your speakers, and attendees simply select their preferred language using a dropdown menu underneath the video player. Include up to 10 languages per session.

Fully-supported Service
Fully-supported Service
Interpreters are fully supported by EventMobi and KUDO and no additional hardware or software is required.
More Accurate than AI
More Accurate than AI
Experienced simultaneous interpreters are able to include the speaker’s original expressions and inflections for accuracy and context.
Simple Language Selection
Simple Language Selection
Attendees can choose their preferred language via a simple dropdown menu directly below the livestream video player.
Cost Efficiency
Cost Efficiency
Simple pricing with half and full day services available in up to 10 simultaneous languages per session.

Inclusivity & Accessibility

For associations with international members or at global all-hands meetings, multilingual interpretation is not a nice to have – it’s a requirement. And as sign language interpretation is available in several languages, you can ensure your speaker presentations are accessible and inclusive.

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