New Deep Integration and Partnership Between EventMobi and Swoogo Simplifies Event Management Tech Stack

The Perfect Combo When You Need the Most Engaging Event App and the Most Flexible Registration System 

We might be too excited but this is nothing short of spectacular news for event planners and marketers managing complex meetings and conferences. With the new partnership between EventMobi and Swoogo, you can now easily integrate your event data across two of the most powerful event marketing and event app platforms. The deep integration functionality is an out-of-the-box solution that offers you ultimate control and flexibility while automating the entire data integration process from registration to onsite engagement. 

Requirements for internal vs. external events are different, as well as onsite vs. offsite. There’s always need for a certain degree of customization, no matter what the size of an organization. Included as a standard offering to all EventMobi and Swoogo customers, this new integrated functionality will significantly increase workflow efficiency and data accuracy, while reducing the overall cost of event technology procurement across an organization, regardless of event type.

With Swoogo’s advanced and intuitive event marketing system, you now have access to robust technology that allows you to address complex registration, website, and email marketing needs for your entire events portfolio. Using powerful conditional logic, you’re able to set any kind of filter to group your attendees and offer customized experiences as they go through the registration process. 

For example, if there are varying attendee tiers, such as a VIP level, you can provide VIPs with access to exclusive offerings not available to other event attendees. You can also create custom invitation lists to exclusively invite specific people, design registration websites, and prevent attendees from selecting sessions with timing conflicts, just to name a few.

event management software EventMobi Swoogo partnership

Why This Integration Matters the Most Now

With hundreds of unique event technology vendors currently in the marketplace, event planners like you are having a difficult time figuring out which technologies best address their needs. On top of that, adding multiple tools to the tech stack means more complications to creating an optimal and efficient workflow. With all the disparate tools and data that end up in the event tech stack, the event planning experience is becoming increasingly more difficult and time-consuming. 

One of the biggest challenges you’ll experience if your event tech tools aren’t integrated with one another is data management. Disparate tools means your data isn’t able to automatically transfer between your different types of technology. As a result, you end up having to spend more time uploading and downloading data to or from each tool.

For example, if you have separate registration and email marketing tools, you probably need to download a list of attendees from your registration tool and upload it into your email marketing platform in order to send attendees important updates. If that data changes—for example, a new person registers for your event—you’ll have to re-upload the data again. This may cause errors or risk of outdated versions being sent due to human error.

Event Management Software Integrations: Then vs. Now

The purpose of integrated technologies is to end the world of data fragmentation so that you can do their job more efficiently and effectively. The world of integrations has come a long way over the past few years with constant innovations and enhancements. 

Up until recently, event planners only had surface-level access to their integrated event tech. Integrations were managed by technical companies so that meant event planners required a third party or an internal engineering resource to build the integrations. It was a complicated, time-consuming, and error-prone experience. Event planners had no control over their own tech. Any changes that were required, even for the most mundane issue, had to go through the vendor.

Nowadays, modern APIs offered by third-party suppliers are an out-of-the-box experience for event planners. Referred to as deep integrations,  these types of technologies are easy to understand and data can be controlled by the planner. Deep integrations go beyond surface-level connections between event software systems. 

These types of integrations enable technologies to essentially operate as extensions of each other and enhance the overall functionality for event planners. The ability for deep integrations to elevate and create a smoother event planning experience has never been more real.

How Event Planners Benefit from EventMobi’s Focus on Deep Integrations

The future for deep integrations means there will be no need to sacrifice on budget, functionality, and customization.

With the increasing degree of consolidation between event tech providers in today’s market, there are now fewer vendors to choose from and planners are being forced into all-in-one platforms that don’t address their needs. Bigger doesn’t mean better. It means slower innovation and more complexity.

An open event tech-stack environment, aka an open platform, is better for you because of cost efficiencies, the ability to integrate with current software technologies in your organization, flexibility to choose the right tool for the right event, ease of use, quicker implementation, and the need for fewer organizational resources.

EventMobi is focused on partnering with best of breed event technologies so you’re able to achieve your goals at all stages of the event management lifecycle. 

These partnerships will allow you to easily pivot and find the right software as you go through the event planning experience. The end result is that you spend less time managing data and more time deriving insights that will ultimately lead to the design of better event experiences. 

EventMobi provides the best way to customize your event tech stack. Whichever technology tools work best for your events, our platform can connect them all. With our open partner ecosystem, your data will never be held hostage. You’re free to choose different types of vendors to use instead of going into a long-term contract with one giant platform that may not be the right solution for all of your events. You now have greater choice, autonomy to choose your own preferred tech, and more room to negotiate with each vendor. 

To learn more about the deep integration functionality between Swoogo & EventMobi, book a demo or read our press release.