How to Design an Event Sponsorship Package

Event Sponsorship Package Basics

One of the most important keys to success in getting sponsorships is your ability to create a competitive and appealing event sponsorship package. A sponsorship package is essentially your “pitch” on why potential supporters should invest their budget into your event. So it’s absolutely critical that you understand what your sponsors’ goals and objectives are in order to craft a sponsorship package with benefits that will help them achieve success.

There are two main approaches to creating a event sponsorship package: Tiered and A La Carte.

The traditional approach is to bundle technology sponsorships into a Tiered Model, where different features are included or excluded, depending on the sponsorship level.

But some sponsors will seek out more flexibility and customization, so this is where the A La Carte model comes into play in being able to offer a wider range of sponsorship benefits that meet specific needs.

Tiered Sponsorship Model

If you’re looking for ideas on how to disperse event tech benefits across a tiered sponsorship model, here’s an example of how it might work:

Step 1: Create tier levels

Tiers are usually divided into Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Exhibitor, but feel free to be creative and add your own unique touch to the category names.

Step 2: Determine the available quantity

Decide how many of each tier level you want to make available for sponsorship. This will create exclusivity and encourage sponsors to commit earlier.

Step 3: Assign benefits across tier levels

Here’s an example of how this might look like:


A La Carte Sponsorship

This type of sponsorship model offers more flexibility for sponsors who are looking to achieve specific outcomes.

Here are ideas you can include in your sponsorship package offerings, according to the most common event lifecycle stages:

1. Pre-event exposure:

  • Logo on event registration site, and in pre-event registration invite emails
  • Social media shout outs
  • Promoting your sponsors’ speakers
  • Competition and giveaways pre-event by your sponsors

2. Brand awareness in the mobile event app:

  • Highlighted or standard logo on sponsor section
  • Logo on Live Poll results on screen, homepage or map page
  • Link to downloadable resources (brochures, company collateral)
  • Link to special offers/giveaways

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3. Engagement with attendees and insights gathering:

  • Branded survey or poll to capture audience insights
  • Gamification points and prizes to encourage attendees to visit sponsor booths
  • Sponsored giveaways to be redeemed via gamification challenges and activity on-site
  • Profiles for sponsor staff to connect via chat with attendees one-on-one

4. Onsite brand awareness:

  • Logo in event registration area
  • Competition and giveaways onsite by your sponsors
  • Logo on Live Display digital signage

5. Direct messaging with targeted attendees:

  • Targeted Alerts/Notifications with logo
  • Targeted segment or mass email

6. Post-event exposure:

  • Logo/Mention in Post-event Email or Survey


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