7 Smart Ways to Add Video Into Your Event Strategy

Creating and sharing a video library is likely not the first thing event organizers think of when planning their in-person conferences. However, as this HBR article points out, videos “elicit a broad range of motivations”, including sharing passion, starting conversations, and seeking opinions. Sounds a lot like what we want our attendees to do at events, doesn’t it?

Creating videos has become much easier these days as event planners are experienced with virtual events and again have the ability to record content on-site. However, the challenge remains that multiple tools and platforms are required to create, host, and share video content. We believe that having the ability to manage video content within your event platform will simplify your workflows and create a superior experience for your attendees.

EventMobi’s new Video Library feature means your Event App now does double-duty as an event platform and the online home for all of your video assets — whether you want to engage your in-person or remote audience, create exciting new sponsorship opportunities, or extend your event’s reach year-round.

If you thought going back in person meant the end of video for events, read on to find out why you would be missing out.

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1. Increase Registrations and Revenue with Ticketed Access

Despite the growing demand for in-person events, not everyone will be able to make it. Plus, you’ve just spent two years building your virtual audience. Why would you leave them behind now? The solution can be as easy as offering ticketed access to video-on-demand content within your event platform. 

If live streaming your in-person event to remote attendees is too expensive and complex, simply record and upload them into your event space after. Or, if you can get your speakers to pre-record themselves before your live event, release access to pre-recorded content at the same time to make sure remote attendees don’t miss out. This will further simplify your costs on-site as well. 

You can also offer tiered access to different Video Libraries created to drive member engagement, for continuing education and training videos, or to ensure you don’t miss out on potential revenue by offering tickets for remote attendees to watch session recordings. 


2. Simplify Video Content Management

Hosting your videos in your event platform instead of external video platforms like Vimeo or YouTube eliminates hours of admin work and creates a better experience for your attendees as they won’t see ads or unrelated content recommendations. This means you can keep control of your event data and PII (personally identifiable information), which is particularly important for events that need to be GDPR compliant.

If you are live streaming sessions for your virtual or hybrid event, you can simply make them available as on-demand content with just a few clicks. Or, if you are uploading pre-recorded video files, you can easily create an elegant video content hub with the Video Library feature. 

3. Use Pre-Recorded Videos to Drive Excitement

Showcasing a taste of what’s to come at your event is a great way to drive session sign-ups. Create a Video Library with speaker reels or presentations from previous years to encourage your audience to attend specific sessions.

Alternatively, you can ask your speakers to record a short video telling your audience more about their presentation; you can easily do this for dozens of speakers using tools such as VideoAsk and upload these videos into your event app or virtual space with the new Video Library feature.


4. Offer New Sponsorship Opportunities

Help sponsors better engage with attendees and drive traffic to their booth by offering them dedicated channels to showcase their product videos, demos, and educational content in a Video Library created just for them.  

You can also append sponsor ads to session recordings made available to attendees post-event as part of the video-on-demand content.

5. Create a Year-Round Learning Hub 

Your attendees can’t be everywhere at once — choosing between concurrent sessions is hard when the agenda is packed full of incredible speakers and topics! To ensure attendees don’t miss out, create a Video Library they can use to get caught up on their own time post-event. Don’t forget to use gamification or poll questions to create a fun, LMS-style experience.

Ever wished you could ask a speaker to repeat themselves? Making recaps available post-session can help attendees literally learn at their own speed by letting them re-watch specific videos at a slower or faster speed. 


6. Offer a Better On-Demand Experience

EventMobi’s channel-style Video Library includes a recommendation module that helps attendees easily navigate and discover more video content that aligns with their interests. Planners can easily manage this recommendation by assigning videos to similar groups.

Comment sections below each video encourage conversations with other attendees and speakers, and will also help you collect valuable feedback about your event and what is important to your audience.

7. Track Engagement From a Single Dashboard 

Say goodbye to using multiple platforms to track event engagement. EventMobi’s video management solution makes it easy to track audience engagement so you can see all of your event analytics in a single platform.

Track your audience’s interests and actions, including which videos they watched and for how long. You can also use polls and gamification questions to see who has interacted with what content in order to measure learning or find out what resonated most with your audience.


How Does the New Video Library Feature Work?

  • First, add your videos by either:
    • converting your live streams into a video-on-demand recording with a few clicks, or
    • directly uploading external videos into the EventMobi Experience Manager.
  • Tag your videos and create a dedicated section with appropriate access control.
  • Enable the feature for your event so your attendees can discover and comment on videos directly from your mobile Event App or Virtual Event Space.

By using a tool like EventMobi’s Video Library feature, it couldn’t be easier to simplify your video management system and tap into the power of video to engage your attendees. Not only can videos hosted on your event app excite your attendees before your event begins, it can also reach those that could attend your event in person.

Let’s not forget about exhibitors and sponsors: allowing them to upload video content into their profiles will help them better educate and engage buyers year-round. Integrating videos into your event strategy is an untapped opportunity to help you create a better experience for all of your event stakeholders. 

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