8 Key Ways to Engage Your Members Year-Round with the New EventMobi Association App


Building an event app for your association’s annual conference is a great way to engage members, increase sponsorship revenue and reduce printing costs while enhancing the event experience — but what about all the other events you host throughout the year?! How do you keep members engaged after the big event?

We are excited to announce the launch of EventMobi’s Association App. This incredible new multi-event app offers new ways to engage, gather feedback, and communicate with your members. In fact, we’ve identified 8 key ways this multi-event Association App can ensure engagement of your members year round.

#1. Provide access to all of your events in a multi-event app

With EventMobi’s Association App all of your organization’s events and documents are in one multi-event app. This includes everything from your annual conferences, chapter meetings, workshops, training sessions, committee meetings, and more. No more having your members download separate apps for each event! They’ll have access to all of your events from a single app on their mobile device, making it more convenient for them while allowing you to showcase the incredible value your association offers

#2. Offer the convenience of mobility (and a plus for you…it’s budget friendly!)

Your members are on their smartphones every day, so why should your association mobile strategy end with just an event app? With EventMobi, you can go beyond just a multi-event app and create an Association App that lasts year-round to augment your website and engage your members.

Building stand-alone event apps with EventMobi is easy and affordable. But downloading 20 event apps can be cumbersome for your members. With our Association App, your members only need one iOS/Android app, creating a much better experience for your members. Plus, in addition to offering a powerful multi-event app and online registration system, with EventMobi you are able to create an additional custom Association Engagement App to excite your members year-round with gamification, surveys, emails, push notifications, and even create a private social network to help your online community flourish.

Multi-Event App in phone with zoom#3. Send important updates and alerts directly to member’s smartphones

Forget emails and website updates. With the power of push notifications within the Association App, you can send important updates and alerts so your members won’t miss a thing!  

#4. Allow quick and easy event registration right from within the app

That’s right, members can register for your events from within the app! EventMobi’s Online Registration seamlessly integrates with your Association App. It’s one more tool to drive registrations for your event. Not using EventMobi for your online registration? Simply add the link to your registration site and your members can register from within your App.

#5. Build a year-round community

Imagine extending the value of your annual conference all year long. The Association App is the perfect mobile platform to inform and engage your members while cultivating a private social network for all your events and your association. Elevate member networking and build your community by encouraging your members to post updates year-round and engage in the Group Discussions they care about.

#6. Easily deliver information about future events

When your members log in to your Association App, they will see all of your upcoming workshops, meetings, and sessions for the year. They can check out who is speaking, where it is, and who is planning to attend. You can also send out emails promoting new events or reminding them of early-bird deadlines. You’ll see an increase in registrations in no time!

Year-Round Association App#7. Provide on-the-go access to all of your valuable association resources

Think of your Association App as your private hub of information on-the-go. Your members will be able to quickly access essential documents, find links to news releases, blogs, donation pages, and more. Not to mention, by keeping your past events alive, members can browse through past event agendas and download presentation slides. Your members will love the easy access they have to this critical information.

#8. Highlight interesting sponsor offers

Your association app is the perfect place to highlight your top sponsors and potentially offer a new advertising opportunity as your Association App is being used by your members throughout the year. These additional sponsorship opportunities deliver added value to your sponsors and members by connecting your sponsors with the member buyers who could benefit from their products and services.

So there you have it: 8 key ways to engage your members with an EventMobi’s Association App! Never has it been this easy to stay in touch with members and keep them engaged throughout the year. Your members will love having everything they need from you in the palm of their hand.

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