EventMobi Announces Vision and Platform For Virtual and Hybrid Events

An animated GIF showing the EventMobi Virtual Space home screen, left menu, agenda, and live stream session

A Changing World Demands More Online Events Delivered In An Engaging, Impactful and Cinematic Format

Toronto, January 28, 2021 – EventMobi, a leading virtual event platform provider, announces its vision on how businesses, associations and other organizations will engage their audiences in a variety of event formats in 2021 and beyond. Having worked closely with customers around the globe to deliver 150,000 hours of virtual events, EventMobi has gained deep experience in the evolving requirements for organizations to deliver highly effective virtual events.

“Over the past 10 months we have witnessed the complete digital transformation of live events,” stated Bob Vaez, CEO and Founder of EventMobi. “While no one can dispute the impact of face-to-face meetings, virtual events have opened new opportunities and in many ways have created a new medium for organizations to communicate and engage their employees, customers and members.” 

Marketing teams and event planners now realize that virtual events can be highly effective,  more efficient with faster turn-around times and dramatically higher attendance. Vaez added, “As organizations plan forward, it is critically important that they reimagine a new experience built for online viewership, rather than trying to mimic an in-person conference. All aspects of events need to be rethought including: overall attendee experience, design, engagement, collaboration, monetization, technology and of course, impact.” 

To back up the vision to enable amazing virtual and hybrid event experiences, EventMobi is launching its newest virtual event platform. While maintaining the wide array of existing features and benefits, the company is augmenting its platform with a series of new functionalities. From the new, user-friendly Home Page Designer to an extended Analytics feature, the new Virtual Space enables planners to easily deliver polished, branded online event experiences with powerful monetization options. Organizers with a hands-on approach will be in control to easily create the design and show flow they desire. For those who prefer a fully managed experience, EventMobi continues to offer a suite of professional services such as live stream production, data upload and custom design.

The new platform will provide enhanced functionality in:

  • Design: A new, modern and visually exciting Virtual Space that offers planners total control with the new Home Page Designer.
  • Networking and Engagement:  An easy to use and comprehensive engagement and networking solution, now with built-in support for small interactive group meetings.
  • Analytics: One of the most advanced live analytics that not only highlights who attended and what they are interested in, but also what content was most engaging, providing the ability to segment audiences based on their actions and intentions. 
  • Automation: The ability to automate the Virtual Event Management by pre-programming content that happens live, simulive or on-demand.
  • Production: Brand new design, video and production services to help create compelling and engaging sessions.

With events going virtual, many organizers are now running several smaller events over the year rather than just one main annual conference. To accommodate this, EventMobi will also introduce a new subscription model, which will make it easier for planners to run more events at a lower cost and even nurture a year-round community on the EventMobi platform.

The new, easy-to-use platform will enable planners to run the most engaging, intuitive and impactful virtual and hybrid events. For more information, book a demo to see the platform in action.

Press enquiries to: Chrissy Gow, chrissy@eventmobi.com