Virtual Event Design: How to Create a Custom Branded Online Event Experience

Virtual event design made easy with EventMobi

With the rise of online events, there has been a shift in priorities when it comes to event planning. Given that technology plays such a significant role, the search for the perfect in-person venue has been replaced with the task of finding the best virtual event platform. Some things, however, have not changed that much. At in-person events, the physical venue needs to be prepared before you welcome your guests. This includes renting and arranging furniture, taking care of lighting, decoration, setting up signage, amplifying visibility to your brand and your sponsors, and more. Virtual event design may work differently from on-site event design, but the visual elements are no less important. Read on to find out why being able to customize and brand your virtual event platform is a must, and discover the various design options you can leverage to deliver a top notch online event experience with EventMobi’s powerful Virtual Conference Platform.

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The benefits of a branded virtual event platform

Events are one of the most powerful tools for increasing brand awareness, as they offer unlimited opportunities for creating touchpoints between attendees and the brand.

At on-site events, the venue itself can be leveraged in a variety of ways to create brand visibility. This could include elements such as screens and projections, banners or roll-ups, down to details such as ensuring all of the chairs are your brand color.

In fact, branding plays a critical role in the attendee experience. When your guests first arrive, they should immediately feel that they have come to the right place and become immersed in their surroundings.

At virtual events, this is no different. Since your virtual event platform serves as the ‘venue’ for your online event, it is vital to consider what custom branding capabilities are available when searching for the right tech provider to work with. For your attendees to feel truly immersed in your event experience, a generic-looking platform with your event’s logo in the corner just won’t cut it. You’ll want to leverage your brand colors, fonts and imagery to create a unique look and feel for your event that will wow attendees the moment they first log on to your virtual event platform.

By branding your landing page, backgrounds and menus of the virtual platform and the contents of your livestream, you can easily create impactful brand exposure.

EventMobi’s Virtual Event Design for a Branded Online Experience

If you’ve never hosted an online event, or have only worked with a platform that offers limited branding options, you may be surprised to find out how impactful it is to create a branded experience. EventMobi’s Virtual Space offers you and your team full creative freedom to design the online event experience of your dreams. Here are some of our key features for virtual event design:

Home Screen Widgets & Background

EventMobi allows you to use an animated background
Using an animated GIF as background can create a more visually interesting experience

Your home screen is the first thing attendees see after logging onto your Virtual Space via their computer or smartphone. This is your chance to make a truly great first impression, so let your imagination run wild! You can upload your own images to use for widgets and background, browse our extensive library of pre-designed home screen widgets, or use custom CSS to create a completely individual home screen experience that matches your brand identity. 

Colors & Fonts

Easy-to-use branding tool for EventMobi's Virtual Space
Our design studio comes with an easy to use color picker tool to brand your Virtual Space

Besides your logo, your brand colors and fonts are among the most recognizable aspects of your brand identity. So it’s only fitting to design your Virtual Space to match the color scheme of your event or organization. You can easily adjust the background and text colors via our design tool or leverage our CSS functionality to use custom fonts across the Virtual Space.

Menus & Sections

Great branding options within EventMobi's Virtual Space
Consider using an image as the left menu background for a cohesive and striking design

Every event is unique, which means different events may use different features of the Virtual Space. At EventMobi, you have full control over what items your attendees see on the home screen and menus. You can create your own sections, including pages and folders, and name each section as you wish. Apart from adjusting the menu background color, you can also choose to use an image as the menu background for an even more creative visual. 

Logos & Banner Ads

Sponsoring for Virtual Events
You can include sponsor logos and banners on the home screen and at the top of the left menu.

If you have sponsors at your online event, there are numerous ways to offer them brand visibility. Not only can you feature sponsors on your home screen, you also have the option of inserting clickable banner ads into the left-hand menu, which guarantees prime visibility. These banners can also be in a GIF format showing rotating sponsor logos and messages. Of course, your own event logo can be prominently placed on the home screen, left-hand menu and loading screen as well.

Livestream Content

Branded backgrounds and title cards improve your virtual event design
Branded backgrounds and title cards offer a cohesive attendee experience

Your livestream or pre-recorded video content is the heart of your virtual event, so your brand should be front and center here. If you are connecting a video conferencing tool like Zoom to stream into the EventMobi Virtual Space, you can leverage custom branded backgrounds for your speakers. To insert logos, sponsor banners or lower thirds into your livestream content, check out our GoLive! production services – our team is ready to make your brand shine!

Virtual Event Design Options: From DIY to Full Service

If you have a designer on your team or possess graphic design skills of your own, creating your own fully branded Virtual Space will come easy to you. However, we know there are many planners who don’t have access to a dedicated graphic designer to build a beautifully designed virtual event platform for them. That’s why EventMobi offers different levels of support for you to choose from, based on your specific needs. Here is an overview of your options:


Choose from our selection of home screen widgets to match your event theme
Our widget library empowers you to easily create a home screen design that matches your event theme

To use our basic branding capabilities, you do not actually need any graphic design skills at all. Our design studio offers a color picker tool for background and font colors which you can set to your brand colors by entering the specific hex codes. In our widget library, you will find a variety of widgets for different event themes and color schemes that you can use for free. Currently, our team is also working on an improved home screen builder which will make it even easier to set up your virtual event design without any graphic design skills required.

If you or someone on your team is proficient in CSS, you can also take advantage of our Advanced Designer tool, which is included in all our Virtual Space packages. This feature offers even more options for customizing the appearance of your virtual event platform in line with your branding.

Design Templates

We can adjust each design template according to your branding
This example template can be adjusted according to your branding

If you want a beautiful, branded virtual event design but lack the design knowledge to build it yourself, our team is here to help. We offer a selection of home screen design templates that we can adjust to match your brand. All you need to do is select your desired template and provide us with the following assets, and we will make the changes for you at no extra cost:

  • background image
  • main banner image or copy
  • background & font color hex codes
  • font types
  • widget images or copy
  • your event logo
  • featured speaker headshots
  • featured sponsor logos

Custom Design Service

For those who would like additional support to help run their event, we offer a range of professional services that can be added to your Virtual Space package. This includes our custom Virtual Space design service. Clients who purchase this option will be assigned a dedicated graphic designer to create a totally unique look for their Virtual Space. This service includes a briefing session and two rounds of reviews.

New and Improved Menus & User Interface

With majority of attendees joining virtual events primarily from desktop computers, we’ve made some exciting updates to the platform to better accommodate their experience. If you’re already using EventMobi for your upcoming event, simply contact your Account Manager to have the new menu design enabled!

Virtual Space New Interface
Our updated menu comes with a cleaner look for a better user experience

Here’s a rundown of what’s new:

  • When logging onto the Virtual Space on desktop, the left menu is now hidden by default, creating a more immersive experience
  • The left menu closes automatically once a menu item has been selected
  • The right menu has been replaced by a drop down menu
  • The ‘back’ button has been removed on desktop, as this functionality is already covered by the browser’s ‘back’ button
  • On mobile, the left menu can now be closed by swiping
  • The ‘Event Feed’ button on the top menu, which provides an overview of alerts and messages, has been replaced by a bell icon and moved to the right-hand side of the top menu, making its purpose clearer
  • If you are subscribed to our GoLive! Production Services and the Attendee Chat Support service, this functionality can now be accessed via a question mark icon on the top right, where it is easier to find for attendees

Conclusion: Virtual Event Design can Improve the Attendee Experience

If you want your attendees to feel immersed and excited when logging onto your virtual event platform, you will need to design the digital space to match your event theme and brand. This means branding capabilities should not be an afterthought, but one of the top priorities on your list when choosing an event tech provider. If you don’t have someone with design skills on your team, it’s worth inquiring whether easy-to-use design tools or a custom design service are included in the package or available to purchase as an add-on.

If you’d like to find out what the EventMobi Virtual Space looks like in action, sign up for one of our upcoming webinars!