January 2018: EventMobi Gives Event Planners Unprecedented Options Following Apple’s Updated Guidelines

TORONTO, January 16, 2018 — Mobile app options available to event planners and meeting professionals are expanding today with the addition of the EventMobi App and Events Pages to EventMobi’s existing portfolio of native branded and multi-event apps.

The EventMobi App is an Apple-approved universal app (sometimes referred to as a container app), offering a new way for attendees to access each event’s unique content and engagement opportunities in one place, while allowing planners to take advantage of rich native functionality such as push notifications.

“The new EventMobi App is all part of our strategy to continue making event apps affordable, simple, and accessible,” says Bob Vaez, CEO of EventMobi.

Building on the flexibility of the EventMobi App, an Events Page is a brandable space for an organization to display a list of upcoming, current, and past events within the app. This gives planners a simple way to keep event participants up-to-date on current events, promote and drive registration for upcoming events, and provide access to information from past events.

“Using the new EventMobi App for our conference is a no-brainer. All the functionality of a native app without the cost!” says Karen Mellor of the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM).

The EventMobi App offers several unique benefits:

Gain the functionality of a native app without the price tag

The option to access an event app through the new EventMobi App is now available at no additional cost in all EventMobi packages.

Save time and hassle

Apple’s new guidelines require native branded apps be submitted through the event planner’s Developer account. Using the EventMobi App allows planners to avoid applying and paying for a Developer account and eliminates the App Store approval process for their event.  

Increase event app adoption

The EventMobi App offers a streamlined, intuitive attendee journey via the introduction of the Smart Launch link. Attendees can use this dedicated link to install the EventMobi App and access the event’s unique content and features. Gone are the days of searching the App Store for the event app.

Keep focus on your brand

Unlike many container event apps on the market, the EventMobi App is not a discovery platform for other events. Ensure the focus stays on your brand and avoid confusing event participants with a list of unrelated or even competitive events


The EventMobi App joins EventMobi’s lineup of mobile options:

Native Branded App: Allows event planners to create a custom branded native or multi-event app, submitted directly under their own Developer Account, thus enabling them to have a branded icon on the attendees’ smartphone homescreens.

Web Based App: Enable attendees to bypass the App Store entirely and easily access the event app, even when offline, through any web browser on any desktop or mobile device.

NEW EventMobi App: Leverage the benefits of native functionality, while removing the cost and hassle of the App Store submission and approval process.

“These product offerings are the result of many conversations with Apple, along with our own research on the direction of the event technology industry and the evolving needs of event professionals,” explains Martin Kuplens-Ewart, Senior Product Manager at EventMobi.

More than 10,000 event professionals have already chosen EventMobi as their event app provider, and this announcement introduces even more flexibility for event planners looking to create exceptional attendee experiences that are engaging, meaningful, memorable, and delivered on budget.

Dedicated demonstrations are available upon request.



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