Major Event Industry Conference Extends Attendee Engagement With an Event-Led Community Strategy

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The Northwest Event Show (NWES), the premier industry gathering for event professionals in the Pacific Northwest, recently announced its partnership with EventMobi, an industry-leading event management platform. The NWES 2024, happening from April 3-4, will leverage their event platform to cultivate an engaged community with ongoing networking, engagement, and learning opportunities for 3,000+ industry professionals year-round.

“This new partnership with EventMobi isn’t just about enhancing the NWES 2024 experience; it’s about laying the foundation for a robust, engaged network that lives beyond the confines of our event dates,” says Lisa Schulteis, Executive Director of NWES.

Recent advancements in event technology now enable event organizers to extend the use of their event platform beyond in-person conferences, by offering access to content, webinars, learning, and networking opportunities throughout the year; eliminating the need for additional community platforms and learning management systems.

The NWES is transforming their 2-day conference into a year-round event community by:

  • Uploading session recordings and presentations, as well as hosting webinars, on the same platform
  • Enabling forum discussions to support networking for local planners before and after the event
  • Creating sponsorship opportunities by offering an interactive buyers guide where business partnerships can form post-event
  • Leveraging the event platform as a communication hub to share industry-relevant updates via emails
  • Simplifying the promotion and registration of local events, webinars, and next year’s conference to an already-engaged user base

“The Pacific Northwest is not just a backdrop for your events. It’s a living, breathing ecosystem where your networks, customers, and partners flourish. And although NWES is a highlight once a year, the goal is to shine a light on this vibrant region every single day, offering 363 more days of connection, learning, and growth,” shares Thorben Grosser, EventMobi’s VP of Strategic Partnerships & Channel.

EventMobi is excited to support the NWES in building a thriving event-driven community that stretches beyond the boundaries of a traditional conference. Together, NWES and EventMobi are dedicated to empowering professionals with the resources and collaborative learning opportunities they need to succeed.

About EventMobi

Since 2009, EventMobi’s comprehensive features and elegant simplicity have been loved by 30,000+ planners and millions of attendees. The EventMobi event platform has powered events for top brands like Visa and TD Bank, and associations including the American Political Science Association and International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantations.

About NWES

Founded in 1994 and marking its 30th anniversary this year, the Northwest Event Show will be held on April 3-4, 2024 at the Seattle Convention Center. Not just another industry conference, the show is a comprehensive hub for event professionals and businesses that plan and execute meetings and events on the West Coast.

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